Question: What Is The Largest County In?

List of largest counties

Rank County Land Area
1 San Bernardino County 20,052.5 sq mi (51,936 km2)
2 Coconino County 18,617.42 sq mi (48,218.9 km2)
3 Nye County 18,146.66 sq mi (46,999.6 km2)
4 Elko County 17,179.03 sq mi (44,493.5 km2)

76 more rows

Which is England’s largest county?

North Yorkshire

What is the largest county in the US by population?

Nationwide population extremes

Rank County Population
1 Los Angeles County, California 10,163,507
2 Cook County, Illinois 5,211,263
3 Harris County, Texas 4,652,980
4 Maricopa County, Arizona 4,307,033

6 more rows

Is San Bernardino the largest county in the US?

With an area of 20,105 square miles (52,070 km2), San Bernardino County is the largest county in the United States by area, although some of Alaska’s boroughs and census areas are larger.

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What is the smallest county in the United States?

Kalawao County

What is the richest county in England?

Surrey is the second wealthiest area in the UK after London, boasting 59,800 HNWIs, while Kent and Hertfordshire are in fourth and fifth place with 29,500 and 28,200 wealthy inhabitants each.

What is the smallest city in the United Kingdom?

List of smallest cities in the United Kingdom

# City Census Population
1 St Davids 1,797
2 St Asaph 3,491
3 City of London 7,185

21 more rows

What’s the largest county in the USA?

San Bernardino County

What is the least populated county in the USA?

The 10 Least Populated US Counties

Rank County Population
1 Kalawao County, Hawaii 88
2 Loving County, Texas 134
3 King County, Texas 296
4 Kenedy County, Texas 417

6 more rows

What country has the lowest population?

Countries With The Smallest Populations

  • Vatican City. With a population of fewer than 1,000 people, Vatican City has the smallest population of any country in the world.
  • Tuvalu.
  • Nauru.
  • Other Small Populations.
  • Least Populated Countries by Continent.

What’s the largest county in California?

San Bernardino County

What is the most densely populated county in the US?

In 65 of these counties, the density is less than one person per square mile. The least-populated place in the United States is Alaska’s Yukon-Koyukuk Census Area. At over 145,000 square miles, it’s larger than New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia — combined.

Is San Bernardino Democrat or Republican?

Not only is the Republican Party now vastly outnumbered statewide, trailing Democrats and “no party preference” in voter registration, but the GOP also is No. 2 in both San Bernardino and Riverside counties, where Democrats make up a plurality of all registered voters.

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What city in the US has the smallest population?


What state has the most counties?


What is the second smallest city in the United States?

United States

2017 rank City 2010 Census
1 New York City 8,175,133
2 Los Angeles 3,792,621
3 Chicago 2,695,598
4 Houston 2,100,263

32 more rows

What is the wealthiest town in England?

London remains comfortably the most expensive city in Britain for house buying, but a number of towns and villages outside the capital also boast – or suffer from – extravagant property prices. Virginia Water in Surrey became the UK’s first “million pound town” a few years ago.

Which part of the UK is the poorest?

The poorest part of England – and the second poorest part of the UK – is the North East, where individuals’ gross disposable household income per head is £14,393, compared with £21,446 in London.

What is the poorest town in England?

Here we put their most recently available figures from 2016 under the microscope to discover the poorest urban areas across the country.

  1. Oldham. Shutterstock.
  2. West Bromwich. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images.
  3. Liverpool. Shutterstock.
  4. Walsall. Christopher Furlong/Getty Images.
  5. Birmingham.
  6. Nottingham.
  7. Middlesbrough.
  8. Salford.

What’s the biggest town in England?

The Three Largest Cities in England

  • London. London is the capital and the largest city in England.
  • Birmingham. The metropolitan area of Birmingham is the second-largest by population.
  • Manchester. Manchester is the third most populous urban area in the UK with a population of approximately 2.7 million people.

What’s the smallest city in the world?

The smallest city in the world by area is Vatican City with an area of 44 hectares (108.7 acre). It is a landlocked sovereign city state whose territory consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome. It is officially called State of the Vatican City.

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What was the capital of Wales before Cardiff 1955?

Cardiff was declared the capital city of Wales on 21 December 1955.

What’s the biggest city in the world 2018?

These Are The World’s Top-300 Most Populous Cities, 2018

  1. Shanghai, China. City population: 24,153,000.
  2. Beijing, China. City population: 18,590,000.
  3. Karachi, Pakistan (Islamic Republic of) City population: 18,000,000.
  4. Istanbul, Turkey. City population: 14,657,000.
  5. Dhaka, Bangladesh. City population: 14,543,000.
  6. Tokyo, Japan.
  7. Moscow, Russia.
  8. Manila, Philippines.

Which is the biggest race in the world?

The world’s largest ethnic group is Han Chinese with Mandarin being the world’s most spoken language in terms of native speakers. Human migration has been shifting toward cities and urban centers. The urban population jumping from 29% in 1950, to 50.5% in 2005.

What are the 10 largest cities in the world 2018?

Top 10 Largest Cities in the World of 2018

  • Tokyo – 37 million. The Greater Tokyo Area is the most populous metropolitan area in the world and also the largest urban agglomeration economy.
  • Delhi – 25 million.
  • Shanghai – 23 million.
  • Mumbai – 20.7 million.
  • Beijing – 19.5 million.
  • Dhaka – 17 million.
  • Karachi – 16.1 million.
  • Istanbul – 14 million.

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