Question: What Is The Largest Crappie Ever Caught?


Length Black Crappie
17″ 3 lb.

4 oz.

17.5″ 3 lb.

9 oz.

18″ 3 lb.

14 oz.

24 more rows

What was the biggest crappie ever caught?

It was a black crappie which weighed about 3.5 pounds. It was the biggest ever caught and after the verifications the huge crappie caught by Jim Maack became the state record and the biggest crappie every caught from Lake Powell.

How big do crappie get?

Crappies are typically about 4–8 inches (10–20 cm) long. The current all-tackle fishing world record for a black crappie is 2.25 kg (4 lb 15 oz). The maximum length reported for a black crappie is 19.3 inches (49 cm) and the maximum published weight is just under 6 pounds (2,700 g).

What state has the biggest crappie?

Where To Find Crappie: Top 10 States For Giants

  • Illinois.
  • Iowa.
  • Kentucky/Tennessee.
  • Minnesota.
  • Mississippi.
  • Oklahoma.
  • Texas. Don’t let the world-class bass fishing fool you, the Lone Star State is a stellar destination for oversize crappies as well.
  • Virginia/North Carolina. Like Kentucky and Tennessee, these two states share one of the world’s top crappie lakes.

What is the biggest crappie caught in Texas?

State Freshwater Records: Rod and Reel

Species Weight WaterBody
Crappie, Black 3.92 Lake Fork
Crappie, White 4.56 Navarro Mills
Drum, Black 36.63 Nueces River
Drum, Freshwater 44.00 Conroe

70 more rows

What is the record crappie in Tennessee?

Lionel Ferguson, of Philadelphia, Tennessee, hauled in a black crappie weighing 5 pounds, 7 ounces, on May 15, the newspaper reported. The International Game Fish Association announced that Ferguson officially broke the previous world record of 5 pounds set in 200 by John R. Horstman. IT’S OFFICIAL!

How old is a 12 crappie?

How Old is a 12″ Crappie. Growth rates vary from water to water and geographic location. Within a specific location you could have a lake on one side of a road that has a population of 12″ crappies that are 3-4 years old while across the road from that lake have another with 12 inch crappies that are 5-6 years old.

Do white crappie get bigger than black crappie?

White crappie grow faster than black crappie, but because of their density a black crappie will generally weigh more than a white crappie of the same length.

How do you attract crappie?

To attract minnows and, thus, crappie to your fishing area, crush your breakfast eggshells, take them to the lake, and sprinkle the shell pieces overboard in a circle around the boat. The pieces will flutter seductively down through the water and draw in first minnows and then crappie.

What is crappie favorite food?

Well, they have pretty diverse diets but they do have a few favorites. Zooplankton, aquatic insects, juvenile sunfish, and shad and minnows are the most common forage for crappie. The above diagram shows an example of each type of food.

How old is a 17 inch crappie?

At fourteen inches, the typical black crappie weighs 1.7 pounds and will be 14.3 years old. A 14-inch white crappie will be 1.4 pounds and 9.1 years old. And a 19-inch black crappie, like the one that stands as the state record fish• It will have been swimming around for about 19 years.

Where was the world record black crappie caught?

Black crappie caught in Loudon County is the new world record. PHILADELPHIA, Tenn. (WVLT) — It’s official, Lionel Ferguson’s 5-pound, 7-ounce black crappie is the new IGFA All-Tackle world record! Caught on May 15, 2018 in Richeison Pond, in Loudon County.

What is the best time to go crappie fishing?

Evening And Early Morning. How many fish you’ll catch will usually depend on the time of day and whether they’re active. In the case of crappie, the best time to catch them is during their feeding time, which is most frequently between the hours of midnight and 2 am.

Where was the world record white crappie caught?

World Record White Crappie. The all-tackle world record holder for crappie is a white crappie that weighed in at an astonishing 5 pounds, 3 ounces (2.35 kg). On July 31, 1957 a fellow by the name of Fred Bright hooked into and landed this monster panfish at the Enid Dam of the Yocona River in Mississippi, USA.

What’s the world record crappie weight?

That giant weighed in at a whopping 5.46 pounds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with crappie fishing or fishing in general, this is groundbreaking. Absolutely huge. The fish is now the World Record Black Crappie.

What is the largest bluegill?

The bluegill typically ranges in size from about four to 12 inches, and reaches a maximum size just over 16 inches. The largest bluegill ever caught was four pounds, 12 ounces in 1950.

How much does a 18 inch crappie weigh?

Bass and Trout

Length Smallmouth Bass Lake Trout
Weight Weight
17.5″ 2 lb. 9 oz. 1 lb. 11 oz.
18″ 2 lb. 13 oz. 1 lb. 13 oz.
18.5 3 lb. 1 oz. 2 lb. 0 oz.

25 more rows

How long is a 1lb crappie?

in total length; black crappie range from 5.1 to 19.3 in. Typical catches of either, range from 8 to 10 in. Crappies can weigh up to 3 or 4 lbs., but they typically reach a weight of 1/4 to 1/2 lb.

What is the average size of a crappie?

Black crappie: 1.5 kg

White crappie: 1.3 kg

What should I feed crappie?

Once grown, crappie prefers a diet that consists of smaller fish, including young bluegill. However, their preferred fish is minnows, making them some of the best food to feed crappie in a pond.

What to Feed Crappie in a Pond

  1. Minnows.
  2. Zooplankton.
  3. Aquatic Insects.
  4. Juvenile Sunfish.
  5. Grubs.
  6. Nightcrawlers.
  7. Worms.
  8. Crayfish.

What color crappie looks best?

If it’s muddy, use dark jigs.One pro said, “In clear water, we put on white and chartreuse, green and chartreuse, and red and chartreuse. In muddy water, we use black and browns tipped with a minnow.”If you prefer casting, the jig-n-float technique is excellent for when crappie move shallow for their spawning run.

Do crappies taste good?

However, crappies don’t eat enough insects that they are considered a risk to eat due to possible containment. That said, you should appropriately prepare a crappie, like any other fish you are cooking, ensuring it is safe to eat and tastes as good as possible.

What is the heaviest fish ever caught?

The Biggest Fish Ever Caught

  • No. 8: 1,298-Pound Sixgill Shark.
  • No. 7: 1,376-Pound Pacific Blue Marlin.
  • No. 6: 1,402-Pound Atlantic Blue Marlin.
  • No. 5: 1,496-Pound Bluefin Tuna.
  • No. 4: 1,560-Pound Black Marlin.
  • No. 3: 1,708-Pound Greenland Shark.
  • No. 2: 1,785-Pound Tiger Shark.
  • No. 1: 2,664-Pound White Shark.

How big can a black crappie get?

Cool Facts. SIZE: The common length for black crappie is 27.5 cm (10.8 inches) and the maximum reported length for a black crappie is 49 cm (19.3 inches).

How long does a black crappie live?

Eggs hatch in about three days and the fry leave the nest at night and do not form a school. Crappies are able to reproduce at the age of 2 or 3 years old. Few crappies live more than 3 or 4 years but sometimes they can live as long as 8 years.

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