Question: Which Country Is The Largest Producer Of Onion?

World’s top 8 onion producing countries

  • China. Production: 22,300,000 tonnes.
  • India. Production: 19,299,000 tonnes.
  • The United States of America. Production: 3,159,400 tonnes.
  • Iran. Production: 2,381,551 tonnes.
  • Russia. Production: 1,984,937 tonnes.
  • Turkey. Production: 1,904,846 tonnes.
  • Egypt. Production: 1,903,000 tonnes.
  • Pakistan. Production: 1,660,800 tonnes.

What country has the most onions?

>1,000,000 tonnes

Rank Country/Region Onion production (tonnes)
1 China 24,783,760
2 India 19,415,425
3 Egypt 3,115,482
4 United States 3,025,700

19 more rows

Which state is the largest producer of onion?

Maximum onion production takes place in Maharashtra (4905.0 thousand tons) state followed by Karnataka (2592.2 thousand tons), Gujarat (1514.1 thousand tons.), Bihar (1082.0 thousand tons.), Madhya Pradesh (1021.5 thousand tons.) and Andhra Pradesh (812.6 thousand tons).

Which country is the largest exporter of onion?

Below are the 15 countries that exported the highest dollar value worth of onions during 2017.

  1. Netherlands: US$545.6 million (17.5% of total onions exports)
  2. China: $507.2 million (16.3%)
  3. Mexico: $386.7 million (12.4%)
  4. India: $359.6 million (11.5%)
  5. United States: $218.8 million (7%)
  6. Egypt: $206.5 million (6.6%)

What is the biggest onion?

The heaviest onion weighs 8.5 kg (18 lb 11.84 oz) and was grown by Tony Glover (UK). It was weighed at the Harrogate Autumn flower show in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK, on 12 September 2014. Tony Glover has been growing onions for years and finally achieved the record.

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What state has the most onions?

The top three onion producing areas are California, Idaho-Eastern Oregon, and Washington.

Domestic Onion Production.

U.S. Onion Acreage Estimates
State Acres
Washington 23,900
Idaho-Eastern Oregon 22,800
California 16,150

13 more rows

Are onions grown underground?

Do Onions Grow Underground. The bulb of the onion grows underground, but the onion tops grow above ground. Gardeners harvest yellow onions and red onions for their bulbs, which would be underground. On the other hand, you harvest green onions for their stalks, which grow above ground.

Which state ranks first in onion production?

1. PRODUCTION OF ONION: The major Onion producing states are Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Bihar, Haryana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal in the country.

Which state in India is the largest producer of cotton?

India is second largest cotton producing countries after china and our economy depends on agriculture.

The main top cotton producing states are:

  • Punjab.
  • Gujarat.
  • Maharashtra.
  • Madhya Pradesh.
  • Karnataka.
  • Haryana.
  • Tamil Nadu.
  • Rajasthan.

Which state is largest producer of potato in India?

The 10 largest quantity of potato producing states in India are listed below.

  1. Karnataka.
  2. Assam.
  3. Punjab.
  4. Madhya Pradesh.
  5. Gujarat.
  6. Bihar.
  7. West Bengal.
  8. Uttar Pradesh. Uttar Pradesh is the most populous state in India and it is abbreviated as UP.

Does India import onion?

Last week, the government allowed state-owned agencies like MMTC to import onion from countries like Egypt and China to increase availability and cool retail prices. According to the DGIS data, exporters realised Rs 11,737 per tonne of onion during April-July of this fiscal.

What is the India’s rank globally in the production of onion?

About 9.2 million acres of onions are harvested each year on a global scale and 8% of this harvest is internationally traded. China, India, and the US are the world’s leading onion producing countries.

What country do onions come from?

Because onions are small and their tissues leave little or no trace, there is no conclusive opinion about the exact location and time of their birth. Many archaeologists, botanists, and food historians believe onions originated in central Asia. Other research suggests onions were first grown in Iran and West Pakistan.

What is the largest potato ever grown?

An amateur gardener has grown the world’s biggest potato. The prize potato, grown by Peter Glazebrook, tips the scales at a whopping 8lbs 4oz (3.76kg), smashing the previous world record by 9oz. The vegetable, Peter’s Kondor variety, was put on show on Friday at the National Gardening Show in Shepton Mallet, Somerset.

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What is the largest watermelon ever grown?

Weighting 268.8 pounds, this watermelon made the cut as the world’s largest watermelon.Grown at the Hope Farm Store by Lloyd Bright, his family has a long history with watermelons: they set world records in melon size in 1979 with a 200 pound melon and again in 1985 with one that weighed 260 pounds.

How big is the biggest carrot?

According to the Guinness Book of Records Joe Atherton created the World Record longest carrot record, a gigantic 20 feet 5.9 inches (6.245 metres) in 2016 – about the same height as a giraffe!! Grown for the UK Giant Vegetable show Malvern.

What state is onion largely produced?


What states grow Vidalia onions?

Can I grow Vidalia onions in Mississippi? To be named Vidalia onions, they must be grown within 75 miles of Vidalia, Georgia, by federal law. However, sweet onions can be grown in Mississippi, which are just as good as Vidalia onions. Three keys to sweet onions are variety, soils, and stress.

Do onions grow in the ground?

Growing onions is simple: If you can poke a hole into the ground, you can grow an onion from a little plant. Most of our onion varieties are sold as little seedlings in bare-root bundles; each plant will start growing within days after you plant.

Does garlic grow underground or aboveground?

Both savory vegetables grow underground in areas with rich, well-draining soil. Garlic can be planted from bulbs that are purchased from local markets or grocery stores. Gardeners can easily plant and grow garlic at home, either in raised beds, planting beds or container gardens.

Do carrots grow underground?

This is where they get their water and nutrients. Root vegetables like carrots and beets, and tubers — potatoes — grow underground. The vegetable may root underground, but most of the growth in Brassicas occurs above ground. Only root crops grow underground.

When should I plant onions?

Plant onion sets (immature onions) 5-10cm (2-4in) apart in rows 25-30cm (10-12in) apart from mid-March to mid-April. Gently push the sets into soft, well-worked soil so that the tip is just showing, and firm the soil around them.

Which country is largest producer of potato?

>1,000,000 tonnes

Rank Country Potato production (tonnes)
1 China 99,065,724
European Union 56,224,047
2 India 43,770,000
3 Russia 31,107,797
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41 more rows

Who introduced potato in India?

The Portuguese introduced potatoes, which they called ‘Batata’, to India in the early seventeenth century when they cultivated it along the western coast. British traders introduced potatoes to Bengal as a root crop, ‘Alu’. By the end of the 18th century, it was cultivated across northern hill areas of India.

Which is the largest producer of saffron in India?

Indian State Jammu & Kashmir is the largest producer of Saffron in India and India is the 3rd highest producer of Saffron in World. Answer: The state which produces largest amount bof saffron is Jammu and Kashmir.

Why are my onions not Bulbing?

Bulbing of onions is controlled by variety, temperatures and length of day. The onion will bulb when the required conditions are met. Removing soil around the base of the plant will not increase bulbing, although it appears to because the bulbs are visible.

Why are my onions not growing?

For an onion plant to be healthy enough to form a bulb, it needs plenty of nutrients in its early growth stages. If there is too much nitrogen, your onion plants will put on lush above-ground growth, but will fail to produce bulbs.

Why are my onions so small?

For large onion bulbs, your onion plant should not bolt and grow a flower. If this happens, you can do nothing to reverse it. The onion bulb remains edible, but it will be smaller than expected. This early flowering before the onion has been in the ground for is often caused by temperatures that swing from hot to cold.

What food can you grow underground?

Root vegetables like carrots and beets, and tubers — potatoes — grow underground.

Do cabbages grow underground?

Plant 12 to 24 inches apart in rows, depending on the size of head desired. The closer you plant, the smaller the cabbages. Because cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower are closely related, and require similar nutrients, it’s best not to plant them together. Cabbages can be grown near beans and cucumbers.

Do all vegetables grow from the ground?

There are three main ways a vegetable can grow. Some are roots that grow underground. These include parsnips (shown above), carrots and radishes. The part of the onion that we eat is a bulb that grows below ground, with small roots extending into the soil and green leaves sprouting above ground.

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