Which Organism Has The Highest Biomass?

What species has the most biomass?

The total biomass of bacteria may equal that of plants.

Copepods may form the largest biomass of any animal species group.

Antarctic krill form one of the largest biomasses of any individual animal species.

Which plants on Earth are the most abundant in biomass?

As far as the most abundant trees in terms of biomass, the genus Pinus tops the list for all conifers worldwide (Common Trees of the Pacific Northwest).

What is the most abundant species on Earth?

You may also think humans own the planet. You’d be wrong. Worms like the one in this video are Earth’s animal overlords; nematodes are the most numerically abundant animals on Earth.

Which trophic level has least biomass?

Trophic level 1, producers, has the lowest energy density, the energy is spread out over a vast number of individuals so has the highest biomass, whereas the level 4, apex predators, has the highest energy density and the least biomass.

Photo in the article by “Simple Wikipedia” https://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/Biomass

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