Who is the richest girl in Dubai?

Mo Vlogs – Meet the BILLIONAIRE GIRL of Dubai , $100 million Mansion !!! | Facebook.

Who is the richest kid in Dubai?

Emirati rich kid Rashed Saif Belhasa has it all – supercars, a million dollar trainer collection, and tigers to play with. Dubai is often called one of the world’s most happening cities, evidenced by the millions of tourists it attracts every year.

Who is richest person in Dubai?

1. Majid Al Futtaim – Net worth: $6.1 Billion. With a net worth estimated by Forbes to be $6.1 billion, Majid Al Futtaim ranks as the richest person in Dubai.

Who is the richest YouTuber in Dubai?

Gaurav Chaudhary
Location Dubai, U.A.E
Years active 2015–present
Subscribers 21 million (Technical Guruji) 4.88 million (Gaurav Chaudhary)
Total views 2.59 billion (Technical Guruji) 240.95 million (Gaurav Chaudhary)

Who is the richest girl in the world?

Top 10 Richest Women in the World

  • Francoise Bettencourt Meyers & Family: $73.4 billion.
  • Julia Flesher Koch & Family: $61.1 billion.
  • Alice Walton: $57.6 billion.
  • Mackenzie Scott: $53.5billion.
  • Jacqueline Mars: $41.1 billion.
  • Yang Huiyan: $28.6 billion.
  • Gina Rinehart: $27.6 billion.
  • Abigail Johnson: $25.3 billion.
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Is anyone a trillionaire?

A trillion is such a huge number followed by twelve zeros. That is one thousand times a billion. As of today, there are no trillionaires who live on earth.

How many billionaires live in Dubai?

Dubai is home to 18 billionaires, ranking the city 25th among global cities which have the highest number of ultra-high net worth individuals. Saudi Arabia, ranked 30th, is the only other country from the Arab world listed among the top 30 countries with 10 billionaires in 2019.

What is the main income of Dubai?

The UAE has been successfully diversifying its economy, particularly in Dubai, but still remains heavily reliant on revenues from petroleum and natural gas, which continue to play a central role in its economy, especially in Abu Dhabi. More than 85% of the UAE’s economy was based on the oil exports in 2009.

Who is the most famous YouTuber in Dubai?

December 2020

1 1 platinumrecordsmusic Subscribers Subscribers 6 020 000
2 2 AlArabiya العربية Subscribers 5 020 000
3 3 Hussain Al Jassmi | حسين الجسمي Subscribers 3 840 000
4 4 Arabian Fairy Tales Subscribers 3 610 000
5 5 Visit Dubai Subscribers 301 000

Who is the richest Arab YouTuber?

Yousef Erakat, an American YouTuber of Palestinian origin, who goes by the username FouseyTube is not only one of the most successful Arab channels, his channel is also one of the most popular on YouTube overall with an astonishing 7 million subscribers and over 1 BILLION (yes, you read that right!) views.

Can I vlog in Dubai?

Yes you are allowed to do so . Actually dubai has many famous youtube vloggers at the recent times . Due to the city’s fame and diverse of attention grabs , vloggers there often make more money and fame . But remember , dubai has really strict law enforcement .

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Who is the poorest person in the world?

A discussion into who is the poorest person in the world unveils a worst-case scenario of a rich man turned poor contrary to what most people would expect. If net worth is something to go by, then Jerome Kerviel is the poorest man alive in the 21st century, and he may hold this record for several more years.

Who is the youngest billionaire?

COUNTRY: GERMANY. Lehmann is now the world’s youngest billionaire after he officially inherited his father’s 50% stake in German drugstore chain drogerie markt.

Who is the richest black man in the world?

According to the Forbes story, Robert F. Smith of Vista Equity remains the richest black person in the country, with an estimated net worth of $6 billion. And Nigerian Aliko Dangote is the world’s richest black person, clocking in an estimated valuation of $11.8 billion.

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