Best answer: Does Pokemon masters need money?

Do you need to pay for Pokémon Masters?

And like Pokémon GO before it, Masters is free-to-play but with purchasable in-game currency that lets you unlock more stuff.

Does Pokemon master ex cost money?

FAQ | Pokémon Masters EX. Can I play for free? Yes, you can. There are purchasable items in the game, but the app is free to download.

Do you need an account for Pokémon Masters?

Pokemon Masters can only be linked to a Nintendo Account. You’ll need an account first before you can proceed to linking your Pokemon Masters account.

Can my phone run Pokémon Masters?

UPDATE (August 29, 2019): Pokémon Masters is now available to download and play on iOS and Android devices. … iOS 11 or higher is required to play Pokémon Masters on Apple devices, or if you’re on Android, your device must have OS 5.0 or higher — although 7.0 or higher is recommended.

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