Best answer: How long does it take for the egg to hatch in Pokémon Gold?

How do you make an egg hatch faster in Pokémon Gold?

If you want an egg to hatch faster leave low level Pokemon in the breeding center because you can’t get an egg unless one of your Pokemon has grown a level. Eggs hatch faster if their parents grew a lot of levels in daycare. Eggs also seem to hatch faster if you take them to the Pokemon League.

How long does it take for a Pokémon egg to hatch?

Eggs take quite a long-time to hatch, usually around 7-10,000 steps. The best way to hatch eggs quickly is to have a Pokemon with Magma Armor or Flame Body near it, which will half the number of steps it takes for the egg to hatch.

How many steps does it take to hatch the odd egg?

All Pokémon hatched from the Odd Egg hatch with 125 total experience; while this is the minimum experience for a level 5 Pokémon in the Medium Fast experience group experience group (most possible hatched Pokémon), this results in 25 excess experience for Pokémon in the Fast experience group (Igglybuff and Cleffa), …

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How do you speed up egg hatching in Pokemon Silver?

There isn’t a way to speed up hatching. You’ll just have to keep biking around. And unfortunately, Snorlax eggs take a longer time to hatch than most pokemon.

How many minutes does it take to hatch an Eevee egg?

If you don’t have a Pokemon with Flame Body/Magma Armor in your team with your Eevee egg it will take longer to hatch. It takes 9,180 steps to hatch an eevee.

How can you make eggs hatch faster?

You can speed up the Egg-hatching process by putting one Pokémon with either the Magma Armor or the Flame Body Ability in your party, and you can also use the Breeding O-Power to further speed up the time it takes to hatch an Egg.

What is the bad egg in Pokemon?

A Bad Egg is an Egg that a player can obtain in all Generation II and on Pokemon games. Though the term is often also applied to glitchy Eggs in general, it is only used in-game to refer to noticeably-corrupt Eggs, which result from the use of cheat devices such as Action Replay, or Poke-GTS.

Can you shiny hunt the odd egg?

One of the notable aspects of the Odd Egg is that the hatched Pokémon has a higher chance to be Shiny, adding up to a 14% Shiny rate! Non-Shiny hatches from the Odd Egg will have 0 IVs (Individual Values).

The Odd Egg.

Pokemon Chance (Regular) Chance (Shiny)
Smoochum 14% 2%
Elekid 12% 2%
Magby 10% 2%
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