Best answer: Is Scyther a good Pokemon?

Is Scyther or scizor better?

Scyther is a fast sweeper that is fragile, but makes better use of Aerial Ace+Technician because of STAB. Scizor is more durable but slower, but Life Orb+Technician+Swords Dance+Quick Attack can hurt a lot of faster stuff, which as a rule tend to be less stable. Choose which fits your team better.

Which is better Pinsir or Scyther?

Though it may have the worst appearance of the Bug types, Pinsir is perhaps the strongest. … Scyther is faster, Pinsir hits harder, has more staying power and carries less weaknesses.

Is steelix or scizor better?

1 Answer. Steelix has an incredible defense, and 4 weaknesses, but with his high defense, he can even take a few super effective hits (from physicals at least) Scizor only has one weakness (4 X weakness)-fire. Scizor also has good physical attack and defense. And both have access to pretty powerful moves.

Is scizor worse than Scyther?

Scizor counters more Pokemon than Scyther because of his great typing and Defense anyway. Scyther is weak to every move under the sun.

What is Scyther hidden ability?

Technician. Steadfast (hidden ability)

Which is better Scizor or Pinsir?

Pinsir: Who is the bug king? Their stats seem almost identical, though it looks like Scizor has better overall type resistance due to being Steel. …

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Which is better Pinsir or Heracross?

Pros: A high 125 Attack stat which is the same as Heracross, he only has 3 weaknesses, He has a great Defense stat of 100, a nice physical movepool. Cons: His Speed stat is only 85(same as Heracross) which makes him usually have to resort to choice scarf, Low S. def and Hp which limits his tanking abilities.

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