Best answer: What happens to Pokémon transferred to Professor?

What does Professor Oak do with transferred Pokemon?

Every time you send a Pokémon to Professor Oak he’ll repay you with a candy, which you can feed to one of your Pokémon to boost one of its stats – a Quick Candy boosts Speed for example, while a Mighty Candy ups their Attack. … There’s also an extra benefit to sending the professor lots of Pokémon of the same type.

Can you get back Pokemon you send to Professor Oak?

You’ll receive Candy in exchange for transferring a Pokémon, but be careful: you can’t get Pokémon back after you’ve transferred them.

Which Pokemon Should I transfer to Professor?

I would recommend transferring Pidgey, Ratatta, and Weedle. However if you want a method of leveling up quicker than normal, I would keep all of those Pokémon and evolve them using a lucky egg.

Should I transfer all Pokémon duplicates?

Transfer Your Pokémon

While catching duplicates is helpful, you should get rid of them afterwards in order to save precious storage space.

Is it good to transfer Pokémon to the professor?

You receive 1 candy per pokemon transferred, regardless of the pokemon’s level of evolution or CP. … Transfering to the Professor is a way of permanently removing a Pokemon from your inventory. In exchange for a transfer, the Professor will give you some Candies, that can be used to power up and evolve a Pokemon.

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Why can’t Meltan be transferred?

The reason why they cannot be traded on the GTS is because of their mythical status. These are considered to be extremely rare or one of a kind. It is a challenge to be able to obtain these Pokémon, and allowing them on the GTS service would be an easy way for players to fill out their Pokédex.

Can you transfer mythical Pokémon from go to home?

Any Pokémon that is Mythical or Legendary, as well as Shiny, cannot be transferred if it has a CP over the 1001 mark. The cost for transfer would exceed the cap of 10,000 energy needed for use of the transporter.

What should I do with extra Pokémon?

To evolve your Pokemon you need candy, and to get candy you need to catch extra Pokemon of the type you want to evolve. Once you have them you can transfer them to Professor Willow, gather enough candy, and use it to evolve.

Is it worth keeping low CP Pokémon?

If it is low, it isn’t worth keeping, unless it’s the only one you have for that species. If it is high, I recommend keeping it, as it has a high potential.

What happens if you transfer all your Pokémon?

Yes you do. All candies you have are stored kinda invisibly on your character and the only way to see them is by selecting a Pokemon of the evolution chain. If you get rid of all of the Pokemon in that chain you will keep the candies but be unable to see them until you catch another of that chain.

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Should I evolve high CP or IV?

It depends. IV corresponds to max CP. So if you evolve the eevee with higher CP then it will also have higher CP post evolution, but it’s maximum CP will be lower. If you plan on pumping lots of stardust/candies into this pokemon then you should choose the higher IV with the higher max.

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