Best answer: What is the most powerful bird in Pokemon go?

What is the strongest flying Pokémon in Pokémon go?

One of the most powerful Pokémon in the game, Mega Y Charizard is the perfect addition to any team, providing some incredibly strong Flying and Fire-type damage. Boasting a max CP of 5,037, Mega Y Charizard’s base stats focus directly on attack and it shows in the Pokémon’s damage output.

Can gyarados use fly?

Gyarados has some of the highest HP stats in the game, complemented by great Attack, Defense, Speed and Special ratings. While it can’t learn Fly (or any other Flying attacks) in Blue, Red or Yellow, it is able to learn a range of powerful non-Water/Flying attacks from HMs and TMs.

Does Ash have a poison type Pokemon?

Poison: muk because bulbasaur is the only other option. Psychic: Ash has not caught one yet. Rock: Boldore because there is no other choice. Water: Greninja.

Is Gyarados a legendary?

Gyarados (Japanese: ギャラドス Gyarados) is a Water-type Stage 1 Pokémon card. It is part of the Legendary Treasures expansion.

Gyarados (Legendary Treasures 31)

English expansion Legendary Treasures
Japanese card no. 023/093

Why is Gyarados not a Dragon?

Gyrados was dragon instead of flying in beta

It’s unlikely that Gyarados was “originally” intended to be a Dragon-type, since Dragon type seems to have been a late addition to the original Pokémon games. Heck, Gyarados might have even been programmed into the game (as a Water/Flying-type) before the Dragon type itself.

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