Best answer: What Pokemon can learn Aurora Veil?

Does light screen and Aurora Veil stack?

While it can be active at the same time as Reflect and Light Screen, the damage reduction effects do not stack. This means that even though you can setup Light Screen, Reflect, and Aurora Veil at the same time, you’ll only take 1/2 of the damage, since the effects of Light Screen, Reflect, and Aurora don’t stack.

Does Aurora Veil and friend guard stack?

While they don’t stack exactly, seeing as attacks never do the same amount of damage consistently, the effects of Friend Guard DO stack in Triple Battles.

Does rapid spin remove Aurora Veil?

it removes from both sides. it used to clear the OPPONENT’S side of traps(whereas Rapid Spin clears your side).

Can Froslass learn Aurora Veil?

Aurora Veil is an Ice-type move that reduces the damage the user takes from attacks for five turns. Aurora Veil can only be used during a hailstorm.

Pokémon that can learn Aurora Veil.

Pokémon How learned
Cryogonal Via TM
Delibird Via TM
Froslass Via TM
Glaceon Via TM

Can Torkoal learn Trick Room?

Drought gives Torkoal a niche as a powerful Trick Room attacker along with Eruption’s high Base Power and spread damage. Its decent bulk also allows it to tank a hit from notable threats such as Landorus-T, Mega Metagross, and Genesect and retaliate with powerful Fire-type moves.

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Does light clay affect Gmax resonance?

Effect. G-Max Resonance inflicts damage and sets up Aurora Veil, reducing damage for five turns. … The duration of the Aurora Veil effect is extended from 5 to 8 turns if a Light Clay is held.

Does Cloud Nine prevent Aurora Veil?

Aurora Veil failed because of Drampa’s ability, Cloud Nine. It prevents activing Aurora Veil. Aurora Veil reduces the damage done to the user by physical and special moves for five turns by half; in battles with allies, Aurora Veil protects the user and all allies, but only reduces damage by a third rather than half.

Does friend Guard affect yourself?

No. “Allies” refers to your friend Pokémon. So Pokémon that are your “allies” receive reduced damage in double battles by opponents and allies too by 25%. The Pokémon having that ability is not affected.

Does friend guard protect clefairy?

Reduces damage done to allies. Reduces damage done to allies. Reduces damage done to allies. Friend Guard (Japanese: フレンドガード Friend Guard) is an Ability introduced in Generation V.

Pokémon with Friend Guard.

Pokémon Clefairy
Types Fairy
First Ability Fairy
Second Ability Cute Charm
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