Can any Pokémon learn lock on and a OHKO move?

Does lock on affect OHKO moves?

Effects that allow moves to always hit (such as No Guard or Lock-On) still work on OHKO moves.

What Pokemon can learn OHKO moves?

6 Answers

  • Guillotine. Fastest: Durant (Base 109) Slowest: Corphish (Base 35)
  • Fissure. Fastest: Dugtrio (Base 120) Slowest: Trapinch (Base 10)
  • Horn Drill. Fastest: Rapidash (Base 105) Slowest: Rhyhorn: (Base 25)
  • Sheer Cold. Fastest: Cryogonal (Base 105) Slowest: Spheal (Base 25)

Does lock on affect sheer cold?

Additionally, Sheer Cold cannot hit a semi-invulnerable Pokémon. However, effects that guarantee moves to hit (such as Mind Reader and Lock-On) still affect Sheer Cold.

Why are OHKO moves banned?

Ohko moves aren’t risk reward, they’re mindless clicking of buttons for potential free kills. We’re in the process of banning Wobbuffet because it lessens the amount of skill needed to battle.

Can you one-hit KO a Dynamax Pokemon?

One-Hit KO moves do not affect dynamax Pokemon, however it does break two bars of the pink barrier.

Are OHKO moves worth it?

No. For starters,it’s banned in competitive play, so if you want to use that, it won’t work. Additionally, over Wi-fi, utilisation of such strategies may often cause other players to look down on you, since such strategies are strongly unadvisable and disliked.

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Can any Pokemon learn lock on and sheer cold?

2 Answers. Nope Not Lock-on and A OHKO move. But Articuno is able to learn Mind Reader and Sheer Cold.

How good is sheer cold?

The accuracy of Sheer Cold is variable, and can be calculated by the following formula: (Lvl User – Lvl Target) + 30. If the difference between the levels of the user and the target is 70 or higher, Sheer Cold will always hit. If the user and target have the same level, the accuracy will be 30%.

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