Can you get arceus with Action Replay?

Can you get Arceus in Pokemon Diamond without Action Replay?

Because Arceus was a limited-time event Pokemon, it is no longer available through normal gameplay. Instead, you’ll need to either trade someone for one, or use an Action Replay or emulator to access the now-locked event.

Can you get Arceus with the void glitch?

Due to the combination of these two factors, it was believed impossible to catch Arceus through the void glitch for several years. … The void glitch, when using the wrong warp method, can also force the player through walls if they complete it wrong. This is because traversing the void messes with the RAM.

How do I get Arceus?

Arceus is captured in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum versions after obtaining the Azure Flute event item through the aforementioned cheating device and using it to gain access to the Hall of Origin.

How do you get Arceus in Pokemon Platinum emulator?

The only way to get an Arceus in Platinum now is to trade with someone who had the event, or using a cheating device for it.

Can arceus erase?

Earth Power: Arceus shifts the earth under its target to release a massive upheaval of energy. … Spatial/Temporal Warp: As the creator of Palkia and Dialga, Arceus is capable of wiping things from space-time.

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Is shaymin shiny locked?

Shaymin and Darkrai can only be shiny from the Oak’s Letter and Member Card distributions respectively. They were distributed only to Platinum games, so Shaymin must be a fateful encounter.

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