Can you have more than 6 Pokemon in a Nuzlocke?

Can you catch more than 6 Pokemon in Nuzlocke?

As far as regular boxes go, you shouldn’t have any problem with the amount of Pokémon you catch. … If you want to unlock those boxes early, simply place one Pokémon in each box, turn off your PC, then turn it on again. You can repeat this until you have the maximum number.

What happens if you catch more than 6 Pokemon?

1 Answer. If you have 6 Pokemon in your party, when you catch one it gets sent to your PC. Move your Pokemon any way you like.

Which Pokemon game is the hardest to Nuzlocke?

For those who want a fierce challenge, Pokémon Platinum is considered by many to be the most difficult Nuzlocke challenge in the series.

Can you run away in a Nuzlocke?

A Nuzlocke is a playthrough of a Pokémon game with several self-imposed rules. The standard Nuzlocke rules are: Only the first Pokémon on any route can be caught. If that Pokémon is knocked out or it runs away etc., then no further Pokémon will be caught on that route.

Can you use Legendaries in a Nuzlocke?

You cannot catch Legendary Pokémon (excluding Reshiram/Zekrom, but they cannot be used in battle). You must only use regular Poké Balls. You can only use the Pokémon Center in each town once.

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Do you train more than 6 Pokemon?

Honestly, all you truly need is 1-2 pokemon to beat gym trainers, as long as you are using the opposing element of that gym leader. Of course, to beat the elite four (in the first few games), you need all 6 pokemon usually.

Should you use more than 6 Pokemon?

Gameplay Answer: It’s a rpg. So limiting the number of monster is a good way to give you challenge. Plot Answer: I like of Adventure answer, that’s possible to have more than 6, but Pokémon Association don’t allow it.

What is an Egglocke?

An Egglocke is a Nuzlocke variant where friends or subscribers send in eggs to be hatched and used in the game instead of normal catches. The normal Nuzlocke rules also apply, which are: (italicised rules are things for egglockes) All Pokemon that faint have to be permanently boxed forever and be considered dead.

Are you allowed to use daycare in Nuzlocke?

Poké Balls may not be used. Any Pokémon obtained must be either given to the player or hatched from an Egg. The Day Care may not be used.

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