Does temperature affect Pokemon cards?

Will heat ruin Pokemon cards?

You should also keep your rare Pokemon cards in a cool area. If they are stored in a place with too much heat or moisture, it can damage the cardboard.

What temperature should Pokemon cards be stored at?

A regular temperature of 68-72 degrees is fine.

Does humidity affect Pokemon cards?

Pokemon cards by themselves are not affected by humidity, source: I live in an extremely humid part of the world and cards exposed to this environment since 1999 have no effect.

Is cold bad for Pokemon cards?

As long as your cards remain dry, extreme cold or heat won’t affect them. Moisture from condensation is unlikely unless they’re exposed to sudden, severe temperature changes. Otherwise, they’ll be unharmed unless you leave a window open or something. Extreme heat will not effect them, much.

Do sports cards get ruined in heat?

Unless you’re in a hot humid region, those cards are generally OK. With modern coated cards, as stated before, humidity is a bigger issue than heat per se. Even in reasonable heat/humidity conditions many modern cards will stick together if stored in humid conditions over time.

Does cold weather affect cards?

A vehicles engine compensates for the cold temperatures by creating a high gas to air ratio, using more fuel. This increase helps prevent stalling, which is the desired effect but it also burns through more gas than when it’s warm.

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Does cold weather warp cards?

Temperature doesn’t affect paper / wood as much as humidity does. Low humidity causes shrinkage while high humidity causes woods to expand. This especially affects foils since the paper will shrink while the plastic foiling remains the same which will warp cards.

What humidity should cards be stored at?

Temperatures. Playing Cards prefer a 68 F (20 C) and a relative humidity range of 30%-40%. They can be stored in temperatures as low as 30-40 F (-1 through 4 C), as long as the humidity stays constant between 30-40%. Again, dehumidifiers can reduce the moisture in a room or storage area and are inexpensive.

How can I protect my card from moisture?

If you keep the cards in a sealed environment, silica packs should do the job. Otherwise look into getting a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the whole room.

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