Frequent question: How do you change Army in Pokemon Conquest?

Strengthened opposing armies

How do you change teams in Pokemon Conquest?

Click the Pokémon that you don’t want in your party anymore and hit confirm. Then the Pokémon teams will swap out and change regions. Finally, after all those menus, you will have the Pokémon, Warrior team that you will want for the next fight.

How do you get rid of warriors in Pokemon Conquest?

Leave the kingdom and go to another kingdom that has someone you want to keep. Transfer them to the kingdom that you had just used and select the warrior that is gray and it will prompt you that since the warrior has already used it’s turn doing this will dismiss that warrior. Tell the game yes and presto.

How do you get Warriors in Pokemon Conquest?

A free Warrior can be recruited if any of these conditions are met:

  1. Defeat them within four turns.
  2. Defeat them with a super effective move.
  3. Defeat them without the player’s allies taking any damage from that Warrior’s Pokémon.

Can you switch Pokémon in Pokemon Conquest?

To change the Pokémon, you just need to access the Warlords in the Warlords list. You will see the Pokémon, as well as their stats and the Link they have with the Warlords. On the bottom screen, you’ll be able to tap the various Pokémon in order to switch them around.

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How do you evolve Ginchiyo?

> Reach 60% Link with Staravia or Staraptor. Have Ginchiyo under your control but not in the same or adjacent nation. Since they need each other to evolve and I have them both, Muneshige with a Staraptor at 60.59 link and Ginchiyo with a Luxio 60.48 link.

Is there a Pokemon Conquest 2?

Pokémon Conquest 2 is a spin-off title of the Pokémon Series of video games. It was released for the Nintendo Switch on June 10th 2027. It is the sequel to Pokémon Conquest as well as a crossover title between Pokémon and Nobunaga’s Ambition. The game takes place in the Nanugi Region.

How do you evolve magikarp in Pokemon Conquest?

User Info: KingofGames2010

  1. Save before going into fontaine that has a magikarp.
  2. Send your 5 strongest pokemon and the warrior who you want to get a Gyarados.
  3. Once inside, check the Magikarp’s stats.
  4. Only link with it if it’s attack is close to 16.
  5. If not press START and go to the title screen and then repeat steps 2-4.

How do you raise your stats in Pokémon Conquest?

The best way to raise stats is of course by link so be sure to match the right Pokémon to the right Warlord. However, you can also obviously raise a Pokémon’s stat’s by evolving it. You can also feed a Pokémon Ponigiri until it has maxed energy but the stat increase is extremely minimal and hardly noticeable or useful.

How do I recruit motonari?

Motonari is one of two warlords the Hero/ine can battle after defeating Hideyoshi. When the player defeats him, he will retreat. The player can recruit him, as well as Motochika, by using a cheat. At the end of the story, he gets his kingdom back.

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Does Pokemon Conquest have Permadeath?

This is why permadeath is amazing for Conquest – it helps you focus on the dynamics ahead and all the consequences that can happen for every move you make.

Is Pokemon Conquest good Reddit?

Pokemon conquest, in my opinion, is the best pokemon game that isn’t main series. It’s provided me so much entertainment over the years. I really enjoy pokemon conquest. It puts a nice new flair to the pokemon franchise really showing the bond that a trainer can have with their pokemon in war time.

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