Frequent question: How does attack and special attack work in Pokémon?

Does attack affect special attack Pokémon?

15 Each Affects Different Types of Attacks

The higher your regular Attack stat is, the greater your power will be for physical moves, while your special moves are empowered by your Special Attack stat. Each different Pokemon species has unique stats, and some may be stronger or weaker in either stat.

What is the difference between attack and special attack in Pokémon?

Your pokemon stats will be used to calculate how much damage will do in each case. If you use a special attack then the special attack stat of your pokemon will be used to calculate it, same happens with physical attacks using the attack stat.

What does special attack do in Pokémon?

Special Attacks cause damage as a function of the Special stats of the two battling Pokémon. Most damaging moves of the types Water, Grass, Fire, Ice, Electric, and Psychic are special attacks.

Which Pokemon has highest Special Attack?

The 12 Pokemon With The Highest Special Attack Power

  • 8 Palkia (150)
  • 7 Dialga (150)
  • 6 Blacephalon (151)
  • 5 Mewtwo (154)
  • 4 Calyrex (165)
  • 3 Hoopa (170)
  • 2 Xurkitree (173)
  • 1 Deoxys (180)
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Is bite a special attack?

In Gen. 2 and Gen. 3, Bite was a special move because by the way physical and special moves were classified, all Dark type moves were special attacks at the time, meaning regardless of the name or action performed, Bite would be a special attack.

Is Hyper Beam a special attack?

Since Generation IV, Hyper Beam has been reclassified as a Special Move.

Does Pikachu use special attack?

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu is a Electric Type pokemon also known as a Mouse Pokémon, first discovered in the Kanto region. it’s weak against Ground type moves and has a Max CP of 320, 35 HP, 55 Attack, 50 SP Attack, 40 Defense, 50 SP Defense and 90 Speed.

Is flamethrower a special attack?

It is TR02 in Generation VIII.

Flamethrower (move)

Type Fire
Category Special
PP 15 (max. 24)
Power 90
Accuracy 100%

Is Moonblast a special attack?

Moonblast (Japanese: ムーンフォース Moon Force) is a damage-dealing Fairy-type move introduced in Generation VI.

Moonblast (move)

Type Fairy
Category Special
PP 15 (max. 24)
Power 95
Accuracy 100%

Is Thunderbolt a special attack?

Thunderbolt (Japanese: 10まんボルト 100,000 Volts) is a damage-dealing Electric-type move introduced in Generation I.

Thunderbolt (move)

Type Electric
Category Special
PP 15 (max. 24)
Power 90
Accuracy 100%

How do super effective moves work?

Super effective moves do 1.6x damage rather than 2x. Not very effective moves do 0.625x damage rather than 0.5x. If a Pokémon would usually be immune to a certain of damage (for instance, a Ghost-type being hit with a Normal move), it will instead do 0.39x damage.

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Are dark moves special attack?

Prior to changes in Generation IV, all damaging Dark-type moves were special, but they may now also be physical depending on the attack. The Dark type was introduced in Generation II, along with the Steel type.

Is water gun a special attack?

Water Gun being used by a Squirtle in Pokémon Red. In the Pokémon universe, Water Gun is a special Water-type attack which is a common attack for most low-level Water-type Pokémon, Squirtle included.

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