Frequent question: What is SP ATK in Pokémon Unite?

How do SP ATK specs work Pokemon unite?

Atk Specs is an C-Tier Held Item, that when held give Sp. Atk +0.8 ~ +24, Sp. Atk Upon Goal +8 ~ 16 Stats. The pokemon that benefit the most from this item tend to be Speedster, Attacker type.

How does special attack work in Unite?

What Is Special Attack in Pokemon Unite? … Each Pokemon will be classified as either a Physical Attacker or a Special Attacker. Physical Attackers deal damage based on their Attack stat, while Special Attackers deal damage primarily based on their Special Attack stat.

How many times does SP ATK specs stack?

Atk. Specs equipped will increase your Sp. Attack stat by a flat amount, regardless of how many points you score per goal. This effect can stack up to 6 times.

Is blissey special or physical unite?


Natural Cure
Name Category Style
Basic Attack Physical Special (Boosted)

Is Charizard physical or special unite?

Charizard uses physical attack, while Venusaur uses special attack.

Is venusaur a special or physical attacker unite?

This is a guide on how to play Venusaur, Bulbasaur, and Ivysaur in Pokemon UNITE.


Venusaur Best Lanes
Attacker Ranged
Damage Type Difficulty
Special Intermediate
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