Has anyone caught all the Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

What happens if you catch every Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

After catching all 150 Pokemon, the Game Designer on the third floor of Celadon Mansion will give you the diploma. … The rest of the diploma says “Congrats! This diploma certifies that you have completed your Pokedex.” It is signed by Game Freak.

Who has caught the most Pokémon in Pokémon Go?

A Japanese Pokémon GO player who goes by the name @tarotirota0106 online has successfully set the record for the most Pokémons caught in a day. Travelling approximately 80 miles and catching 8 Pokémons per minute, the player’s final tally was 11,400 Pokémons in 24 hours. He caught 139 Shiny Pokémon as well.

Can you get all 150 Pokémon in yellow?

Although Pokémon has a beginning and and end like all RPGs, there is a secondary challenge that you can continue even after you finish the game: catch all Pokémon. There are a total of 151 Pokémon in the game — but you won’t be able to get all of them without trading with other Pokémon players.

Is there a catch limit in Pokémon Go?

Niantic and Pokemon Go decide the numbers and the catch limit, and they never officially announce it, but thanks to the Pokemon Go community and their analysis it turns out that the daily and weekly catch limit got increased to 4,800 per day and 14,000 catches per week.

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Has anyone gotten all shiny Pokemon?

A Japanese Pokemon fan has caught all 1,312 Shiny Pokemon, including all different types and variants, showing off their impressive catalog via Pokemon Home. Catching even one Shiny Pokemon is a rare occurrence, so obtaining every single Shiny across multiple games is certainly an impressive feat.

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