How do stats affect damage Pokémon?

How do stat changes work in Pokémon?

Base Stats can be increased or decreased a max of six stages with stat altering moves. Some stat changing moves can alter a Pokemon’s stats two stages at a time, meaning they only have to be used three times instead of six.


Stages Percentage Multiplier
1st 50% 1.5x
2nd 100% 2x
3rd 150% 2.5x
4th 200% 3x

How do you get the most damage in Pokémon?

A level 100 Shuckle can potentially deal the most damage in one single attack through the use of numerous stat boosters. If used against a level 1 Noibat and being under the effect of Forest’s Curse it can deal 721,899,685 damage with a critical hit.

How much more damage does a super effective hit do in Pokémon?

Super effective moves do 1.6x damage rather than 2x.

Who can learn bulk up?

This is an article for the move Bulk Up and the Pokemon who can learn it and its location in Pokemon Sword and Shield, Isle of Armor, and the Crown Tundra DLC.

By TM / TR.

Poliwrath Machop Machoke
Riolu Lucario Croagunk
Toxicroak Gallade Dialga
Palkia Timburr Gurdurr
Conkeldurr Throh Sawk

Is slaking a pseudo legendary?

Semi-Pseudo Legendary Pokemon

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Note: Slaking may have a Base Stat Total of 670 but as said in the Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon page “The Pokemon’s Base stat should be exactly 600.” so Slaking isn’t considered a Pseudo-Legendary but it is considered as a Semi-Pseudo Legendary.

What is the Pokemon with the highest base stat total?

The Pokémon with the highest base stats is Arceus, but given that it’s a Pokémon god, that’s to be expected. There are plenty of unassuming Pokémon, however, with surprisingly high base stats, so surprising that they even defy logic at times.

What are good stats for Pokemon?

The Best Pokemon Of Each Stat, Ranked

  • 2 Speed: Regieleki.
  • 3 Overall Defense: Shuckle. …
  • 4 Special Defense: Shuckle. …
  • 5 Defense: Shuckle. …
  • 6 Overall Attack: Deoxys-Attack. …
  • 7 Special Attack: Deoxys-Attack. …
  • 8 Attack: Kartana. …
  • 9 HP: Blissey. …

What is the hardest hitting Pokemon?

Gone But Not Forgotten: The 10 Most Hard Hitting Original Pokémon

  1. Dragonite. Base Attack: 134. “An extremely rarely seen marine Pokémon.
  2. Machamp. Base Attack: 130. …
  3. Kingler. Base Attack: 130. …
  4. Rhydon. Base Attack: 130. …
  5. Flareon. Base Attack: 130. …
  6. Pinsir. Base Attack: 125. …
  7. Gyarados. Base Attack: 125. …
  8. Hitmonlee. Base Attack: 120. …
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