How do you get a good IV Shadow Pokemon?

Can Shadow Pokémon have good IVs?

IVs add points to the base stats. Shadow Boost increases the base stats by 20%, which is a lot more than IVs add. This is why a 0% Shadow Mewtwo will outclass a 100% non-Shadow Mewtwo. Mewtwo’s base Attack stats are high, and rather than adding to it with high IVs, Shadow Boost multiplies it.

What IV is good for Shadow Pokémon?

Shadow Pokemon and 100 IVs

That means if a Shadow Pokemon has, for example, 2 attack, 5 defense and 8 stamina, upon purification it will become 4 attack, 7 defense and 10 stamina. So, if you can find a Shadow Pokemon with an IV of 13 for each stat (or more) then you essentially have a perfect IV Pokemon.

Should I purify a 4 * Shadow Pokémon?

Purified Pokemon lose the 20% damage bonus made available to Shadows. Though this is less painful for certain Pokemon, others do benefit highly from remaining as a Shadow. The 2 IV increase is often dwarfed by the Shadow damage boost. There are exceptions, but the boost is largely preferred.

Should I purify Shadow Mewtwo?

Players should not purify Shadow Mewtwo. Though it’s likely tempting to instantly get a high-CP Mewtwo without much effort, Shadow Mewtwo’s damage output is significantly higher than a regular Mewtwo because of how the Shadow Pokemon mechanics work in the game.

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Do IVs matter on Shadow Mewtwo?

Under no circumstances, no. Shadow Mewtwo is disproportionately stronger than its normal form, and here’s why. A Pokémon’s IVs, the “individual values,” is the base metric by which trainers understand the potential a Pokémon can have. … Shadow Boost, however, boosts the Pokémon’s overall damage output by 20%.

Is 3 star Pokémon better?

The team leader will tell you how your Pokémon ranks using stars and a pretty easy to understand graphic using bars. If your Pokémon has three stars and a red stamp, it means that it has 100% perfect IVs. If it has three star with an orange stamp, it has around 80-99% perfect IVs.

Can Shadow Pokemon be 100 IV?

Purified Pokémon also get IV boosts when powered up. Each stat goes up by two when purified, meaning if you catch a Shadow Pokémon with at least 13 Attack, Defense, and Stamina will turn into an 100% IV Pokémon.

How do you get 100 IV Pokemon?

Now you can look up Pokémon by their star rating, making it very simple to find 100 percent IV Pokémon you may have. Simply typing “4*” in the search bar will yield all of your 100 percent IV Pokémon, making it easy to spot any sleeper picks you may have missed.

Can Shadow Pokémon be lucky?

Pokémon can become Lucky once they have been traded to another trainer. Because Pokémon become Lucky through trades, and Shadow Pokémon cannot currently be traded, it is no longer possible for Shadow Pokémon to also be Lucky.

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Should I purify my shadow Machop?

In short, if you’re a competitive player or someone who wants to have the rarest versions of every Pokémon in the game then keeping them in their Shadow form is likely the best choice for you. … Conversely, when you purify the Pokémon they will lose this bonus in favor of cheaper power up costs to Stardust and Candy.

Is a shadow Hundo possible?

Apparently odds of a shiny shadow pokemon are mostly 1.6%, or 0.016, according to Bulbapedia. If I’m doing it right, that makes the odds of getting a “ShaShundo” (that is, a Shadow Shiny Pokemon with Perfect IVs) 0.00000390625. If you round that up to an even 0.000004, that’s 1 in 25,000,000.

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