How do you get Max revives in Pokemon?

How do you get unlimited revives in Pokemon go?

Here are a few ways for players to get more Revives in Pokemon Go.

  1. Completing Research Tasks: This provides a small bonus with the potential of them being more Revives.
  2. Opening Gifts: Continue to exchange gifts with friends. …
  3. Leveling Up: While leveling up can be challenging, it can reward the player with more Revives.

How do you get Max revives?

Max Revive is available to obtain from Photo Discs at Level 30 and it restores full HP of fainted Pokémon. This kind of revive is a reward for leveling up since level 30.

How can I get free Max revives?

Players Can Earn: Standard Revive & Max Revives through Pokestops. You will also earn Free Pokemon Go Revives from Leveling Up Your Trainer In Pokemon Go!

Where can I buy Max Revive?


Places This Item Can Be Found
Wyndon Spikemuth
Turffield Route 10
Route 8 Route 9

Are there any cheats for Pokemon go?

It is possible to cheat in Pokémon Go, but some cheating can get you banned. In fact, the game’s developer – Niantic – is really cracking down on cheating. … This has made it much, much easier to catch regional Pokémon when you’re travelling, so maps aren’t quite as essential now.

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Will my Pokemon revive on their own?

Your Pokémon will not heal themselves—you will need to use a combination of revives (if your Pokémon has fainted) and potions to heal them.

What is a max revive?

Max Revive. A medicine that can revive fainted Pokémon. It also fully restores a fainted Pokémon’s maximum HP.

Why do I not get revives in Pokemon go?

Unfortunately, if your favorite Pokemon has fainted there is no way to get their health back without a revive. Luckily, the regular revives are fairly regular drops and shouldn’t be too hard to come by, and if your Pokemon hasn’t fainted you can still use a potion to get their health back up.

How do you farm potions in Pokemon?

How Do I Get Pokemon Go Potions? Activating Pokestops will award players with random items. These will include Potions, Revives, Eggs and Pokeballs. Players Can Earn: Standard Potion, Super Potion, Hyper Potion and Max Potions through Pokestops.

Where can I buy Max Revive in fire red?


Recovery Items
Name Description Location
Revive Recovers a fainted Pokemon to half max HP PokeMarts, Mt. Moon, Rock Tunnel, Celadon MegaMart, Seafoam Islands, Island Two
Max Revive Revives a fainted Pokemon to max HP Silph. Co, Safari Zone, Victory Road, Cerulean Cave
Status Recovery

Where can I buy Max Revive in Crystal?

Kanto Marts

Celadon City
Item Price
Revive 1500
Super Repel 500
Max Repel 700

Where can I buy Max revives in Heartgold?

It would be really helpful if you would include the max revives in hg as well.


  • Pewter City (With Dowsing MCHN)
  • Diglett’s Cave (With Dowsing MCHN)
  • Mt. Moon (With Dowsing MCHN)
  • Cerulean Cave.
  • Cerulean Cave (With Dowsing MCHN)
  • Seafoam Islands (With Dowsing MCHN)
  • Victory Road.
  • Victory Road (With Dowsing MCHN)
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