How do you get rare stickers in Pokemon go?

How do you get more stickers in Pokemon go?

You can get stickers by opening gifts and through purchasing them in the Pokémon GO Shop.

How do you get Niantic stickers?

Trainers can obtain some stickers from opening Gifts from Friends, while other stickers can only be purchased in the shop.

Do stickers count as items Pokemon go?

They don’t count as items. They don’t take up a spot in the gift. No one can control if they send them.

Where is Ditto Pokemon go?

A Ditto will appear in the wild for everyone, and isn’t just a common Pokémon that can transform at random – so if you catch one, other players nearby can get the same one too. It’ll also appear as a result of a Lure or Incense.

Does Rare Candy take up bag space?

The candy will just sit there in your inventory like pidgey or mareep candy and won’t take up bag space. Got it?

Do stickers use bag space?

Stickers selection Stickers are consumable collectables in game, that can be used to decorate postcard of the Gift that is being sent to friend. Trainer can stack up to 25 of each kind of sticker and similarly to Gifts, Stickers do not use space in Item Bag.

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