How do you increase your level cap in Pokemon masters?

How do you get to level 45 in Pokemon masters?

Increase Level Cap in Pokemon Masters

The higher you try to unlock the more items you’ll need and it’ll be harder to get them. Once you do your first level cap unlock you will see that your characters can go up from level 30 to level 45. After that you will see that the next level upgrade will be to level 60.

How do you unlock ex Pokémon master?

The items required for upgrading to 6★ EX can be obtained via the Champion Stadium. To upgrade to 6★ EX, you must have completed Main Story Chapter 1: The More the Merrier (Normal) in single-player. Check out the separate notice to be released at a later date for more information.

How do you unlock the gear level cap in Pokemon masters?

Well, that’s easy. A Gear’s level cap can be increased by going to the Upgrade Gear menu and offering up a duplicate of that Gear (same type, same rarity, but does not need to be the same level or even leveled at all). With five exact copies of one piece of Gear, you can end up with one fully level cap unlocked Gear!

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Where do you use Skip tickets in Pokemon masters?

Another addition to the game is a Skip Ticket. These can be used prior to starting some battles to skip the battle and receive the rewards you’d normally get from that fight. Multiple tickets can be used at once for increased rewards and the Stamina you would have used is also subtracted.

How do you raise to 6 star ex?

If the sync pair in question has 6★ EX unlocked, you’ll need to use Champion Spirits to increase their potential to 6★ EX and receive their EX Style and powered up sync move. Each time you increase a sync pair’s potential, their stats will increase, even if they don’t attain another ★.

How do you get a 5 star power up ticket?

You can also earn 5★ Power-Up Tickets from each battle. You can exchange these tickets for Custom ★ Power-Ups, which are sync pair–exclusive versions of the 5★ Power-Up items needed to increase the potential of a 5★ sync pair.

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