How much stardust does it cost to trade a Pokemon you don’t have?

Can you trade Pokemon you don’t have in Pokemon Go?

Standard trades include regional Pokemon, different forms of Pokemon already in your Pokedex (such as Unowns, Alolan or Castform varients), and any Pokemon you don’t have in your Pokedex that aren’t Legendaries or shinies. … You can’t trade Mythical Pokemon – aka Mewtwo and Mew – at all in Pokemon Go.

How much stardust does it take to trade a Pokemon not in the Pokedex?

This means that those 1,000,000 Stardust cost trades for Pokemon not in your Pokedex drop all the way down to 80,000 at the Ultra level. How do you increase friendship in Pokemon Go?

How much stardust to trade a legendary you don’t have?

If players are trading with a legendary Pokemon while as Great Friends, the trade will cost 800,000 stardust if unregistered, or 16,000 stardust if registered.

How do you trade Pokemon with less stardust?

Different Pokémon require different amounts of Stardust. Generally, the more desirable the Pokémon (like Legendary Pokémon and Shiny Pokémon), the more Stardust is required to trade. You can lower this amount by increasing your Friendship Level with your trading partner.

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Can Genesect be traded?

Mythical Pokémon are currently unable to be traded, meaning that players can’t swap recent raid bosses: Gensect, Deoxys, and Darkrai. …

How much stardust does it take to trade shiny Pokemon in 2021?

Stardust trade costs vary, depending on what you’re trading. Trading a Legendary or Shiny Pokémon that your friend doesn’t have yet can cost up to 1,000,000 Stardust. The trade cost decreases to 800,000 for Great Friends, 80,000 for Ultra Friends, and 40,000 for Best Friends.

How do I get Stardust fast?

TL;DR: How do you get Stardust in Pokémon Go fast?

  1. Buy a Pokémon Go Plus and catch as many Pokémon as you can, as often as you can. …
  2. Buy Incubators and collect and hatch as many Pokémon Eggs as you can, all the time. …
  3. Feed as many Berries to as many friendly Pokémon as you can every half hour.

How much stardust does it take to trade Ditto?

The good news is that the most basic, standard trade only requires spending 100 stardust, which is super doable.

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