Is outrage a good move Pokemon go?

Is outrage a priority move?

Outrage (Japanese: げきりん Imperial Rage) is a damage-dealing Dragon-type move introduced in Generation II. It was TM39 in Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Let’s Go, Eevee!, and is TR24 in Generation VIII.

Outrage (move)

Type Dragon
Accuracy 100%
Priority {{{priority}}}

Is salamence outrage good?

It’s best dragon type fast move for PvE and its only STAB option. Outrage is (overall) Salamence’s best charge move. What? … Fire Blast and Hydro Pump are not useful on Salamence unless you want type coverage or a way to counter its ice type weakness.

Is outrage a special attack?

In Generations 2-3 , Outrage is categorized as Special.

Can Charizard learn Draco Meteor?

Draco Meteor is unique in the fact that it can be taught to only Dragon-type Pokémon, but any Dragon type can learn it at any level, as long as it has maxed-out friendship.

Is Hyper Beam a good move?

Hyper Beam is one of the best attacks in the franchise, and it is known as the most potent Normal-type move that fans are able to teach their Pokémon. It can be taught both by leveling up and by TM, which means that many different creatures in the series are able to learn this attack one way or another.

Who can beat salamence?

Salamence is a Dragon/Flying type Pokémon, which makes it especially weak against Ice moves, and weak against Rock, Dragon and Fairy moves.

The 5 strongest Pokémon you can use to beat Salamence are:

  • Darmanitan (Galarian Zen),
  • Darmanitan (Galarian Standard),
  • Kyurem (Black),
  • Mamoswine,
  • Weavile.
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