Is tyranitar the best Pokemon?

Is Tyranitar a bad Pokemon?

Tyranitar is an offensive threat and is very good. It’s not a Pokemon like Tapu Koko or Greninja which is very straightforward to use, but it’s so good in the right hands.

Is Tyranitar a rare Pokemon?

Tyranitar or any of its pre-evolved variants are exceedingly rare to come across in the wild. Even Larvitars are incredibly difficult to come across in the wild. According to many players’ observations, you can find them in parks when the weather improves.

Is Mega evolved tyranitar good?

Mega Tyranitar is a good Pursuit user, as it is capable of forcing out many prevalent Pokemon such as Tornadus-T, Heatran, and Mega Latias. … Lastly, Superpower can be run to hit Heatran, Kartana, and Ferrothorn super effectively while still hitting Mega Mawile and Magearna for decent damage.

What is snorlax weakness?

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