Quick Answer: Does Pokemon Go need to be open in the background for adventure sync?

Does Pokemon go have to be open in the background for adventure sync?

Adventure Sync is an optional mode that will allow you to record your kilometers traveled even when the Pokémon GO app isn’t open. You’ll be able to stay active and earn Buddy Candy or hatch Eggs without significantly impacting your device’s battery life.

Does adventure sync work when app closed?

Adventure Sync, the feature that lets players hatch their eggs with the app closed, was released by Niantic on November 1st, 2018. The option to activate this feature can be found in the Settings tab from the Main Menu. For this mechanic to work, Adventure Sync needs to connect with either Google Fit or Apple Health.

Does adventure sync work when phone is locked?

Yes, Adventure Sync also tracks distance. I tested by locking the phone and riding my bike. The distance ridden did not show up immediately, but it did show up in the app. If you are using Android, be sure to have Google Fit installed and configured.

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Does Pokemon go work in the background?

Pokemon Go Gets Adventure Sync, Allows for Background Steps Counting. Niantic has introduced a new feature in Pokemon Go that counts steps of users even in the background, and syncs with health apps on Android and iOS to allow for measurement of data.

Does Pokémon GO track footsteps?

Track your steps while you catch ’em all

Adventure Sync is a feature in Pokemon Go that lets you track steps and earn rewards without even opening the app. The feature was added to the game with the Version 1.93. 1 update in late-2018 and requires no in-app purchase to use.

How do you trick Pokémon GO steps?

Trick #1

  1. Make sure Adventure Sync is turned on in Settings.
  2. Make yourself comfortable by sitting or laying down.
  3. Start shaking your phone UP and DOWN.
  4. The Adventure Sync will start to count the shaking as steps. Sometimes it takes some time until the app starts to catch up.
  5. The app doesn’t have to be open.

Does Pokémon GO count steps while phone is locked?

Trainers, rejoice. A new update is coming soon to Pokemon Go that will allow you to track steps even when the app is not open.

Can Pokémon GO track steps when closed?

Make sure your phone has the required sensors to track your distance and steps. Make sure your device’s location permissions are set to “always allow” Pokémon GO to access your location even when the app is closed.

Does Pokémon GO track steps when phone is off?

Pokemon Go now lets you track your steps without keeping the app open. … The Adventure Sync feature allows you to link the game to Apple HealthKit or Google Fit to accumulate movement bonuses even if the mobile app is off or you’re not using the Plus accessory.

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Does Pokémon Go count steps offline?

Pokemon GO finally counts your steps while offline.

Does Pokémon Go work on a treadmill?

Adventure sync uses steps tracked by your respective health app, but not other activity. This means it will track walking, light jogging/slow running, treadmill, maybe elliptical machines. … If biking, it is likely better to keep Pokémon Go running and bike below the speed cap of 10.5km per hour.

How do I get my adventure sync to work?

Change Your Device’s Timezone to Automatic

  1. Close the Pokemon Go app.
  2. Open Settings of your Android Device.
  3. Then scroll down, look for Date & Time and then tap on it to open.
  4. Now toggle the switch of “Automatic Time Zone” to On. Turn On Automatic Timezone.
  5. Now launch Pokemon Go and check if Adventure Sync is working fine.
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