Quick Answer: How do you get past Route 9 in Pokemon Let’s go?

How do you get past the Victory Road lets go?

The fastest way through Victory Road in Pokémon Let’s Go

From the raised area, head up to the top left to the only ladder on this floor, 1F-A. On 2F, go downwards and push the rock onto the pressure pad there to lower another wall on this floor’s central raised area.

What Pokemon are on Route 9 Let’s go?

Route 9 is an optional and fairly standard route heading east from Cerulean City, and follows on from your return to Route 2 via Diglett’s Cave in your quest through Pokémon Let’s Go’s main story.

Available Pokémon.

Pokémon Notes
Nidorina Grass
Fearow Grass
Spearow Grass
Rattata Grass

How do you get past Team yell?

To get past them, just double back a few steps, and some Team Yell Grunts will turn up and give you a battle. Defeat them and they’ll drop the wall, and you can press on!

How do you get across the water on Route 9?

Once you have arrived in Route 9, head south and eventually you’ll come across a guy who us being harassed by two Team Yell members. Save him from these people and he will reward you with an upgrade to your Rotom Bike, whichs allows you to take it across water.

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What level is Misty’s?

Gym Leader Misty

The Cascade Badge enables you to successfully train and command Pokémon up to Level 30.

How do I get to Route 9 from Cerulean City?

You can access Route 9 directly from Cerulean City, but you need to use Chop Down to get through to it. It’ll give you access to the start of Route 10 and Rock Tunnel.

How do I get to Route 9?

Route 9 opens up to be a fairly complex area, but first, you simply need to head south over the bridge in the south-east corner of Circhester. As soon as you cross the bridge, you’ll find a trainer on the left looking for a battle.

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