Quick Answer: What is Pokemon Alternate Timeline series?

What is the Pokemon series timeline?

Timeline of Pokémon

1998 Pokémon: The First Movie – Mewtwo Strikes Back
1999 Pokémon: The Movie 2000 – The Power of One
2000 Pokémon 3: The Movie – Spell of the Unown
2001 Pokémon 4Ever: Celebi – Voice of the Forest
2002 Pokémon Heroes: Latios and Latias

Is every Pokemon series a different timeline?

Satoshipedia is based solely on what is demonstrated in the series that constituite the original timeline of the Pokémon anime. All other series, with related films, are alternative timelines.

How many timelines are there in Pokemon?

Technically speaking, there are three timelines: The Mega Timeline (containing X/Y/OR/AS/O/P), the Modern Timeline (containing FR/LG/R/S/E/HG/SS/D/P/Pt) and the Classic Timeline (containing R/B/G/Y/G/S/C).

Is Pokemon journeys a continuation or reboot?

Pokémon Journeys: The Series is the continuation/soft reboot of the popular animated series that started airing in Japan earlier this year, and will now be available to everyone via the streaming giant. … Of course, since Ash recently won the title of Pokémon champion after 22 years, he has less to prove these days.

Who is Ash’s dad?

Prior to Pokemon the Movie: Coco, much of what was known of Ash’s father comes from a short phone call with his mother, Delia Ketchum. According to the second episode of the original Pokemon anime, “Pokemon Emergency!,” Mr. Ketchum set off on a Pokemon training journey of his own.

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Did Netflix reboot Pokémon?

In 2021, Netflix announced they were developing a live-action Pokémon series, a first for the franchise. … The film will not be in continuity with the recently released Detective Pikachu and instead will be a reboot of the franchise.

Why does Ash leave his Pokémon?

He decides to leave his Pokemon so he is forced to level native Pokemon, knowing he will grow as a person during this process. He leaves his Pokemon at Professor Oak’s Laboratory because he knows they’ll be well taken care of.

Is Sun and Moon a continuation of XYZ?

The main characters are a completely new Ash and Pikachu | SatoshipediaEng.

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