What does pass orb do Pokemon?

How do you use pass powers?

These powers can be purchased or received by passing players by or by unlocking them by raising your Entree Level and purchasing them using Pass Orbs. These are stored on your C-Gear and can be used at any time.

What are pass powers?

Pass Powers are special temporary or one-time bonuses that are purchased using Pass Orbs. When used via the Tag Log, Pass Powers provide useful boosts or effects that affect all nearby people connected wirelessly.

After Syncing your Game, head to the Entralink from your C-Gear. Click in this order: C-Gear > Wireless > Entralink. You will be instantly warped there. When you want to leave, step on the teleporter to the South.

What Pokemon can you find in White Forest?


Pokémon Games Location
Seedot B Grass
Ralts B Grass
Slakoth B Grass

What are pass orbs for in Pokemon Black 2?

Pass Orbs are used as currency for purchasing Pass Powers at the Entralink.

How do I get to the dreamworld in 2020?

The Pokémon Dream World is an online feature of Pokémon Black and White that you can access on your computer after connecting your game to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and using the Game Sync feature of the C-Gear. You can visit the Dream World as soon as you get your C-Gear from Fennel.

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How do you do Funfest Missions?

To activate a Funfest Mission, the player must warp to Entralink and activate a mission from the Entree. Once activated, the player will be warped back to their previous location and the mission will begin.

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