What happens when you collect all the Pokémon?

What happens if you complete the Pokédex?

Once you finish filling out all 210 pages you can return to the train station where you first arrived on the island and talk to the scientist who gave you the updated Pokédex. By showing her the completed Pokédex you will receive four different rewards.

Is it possible to collect every Pokémon?

Luckily, now you don’t have to have an entire collection of games to get all the Pokémon you need. Since “OmegaRed” and “AlphaSapphire” were released in November last year, it’s now possible to catch all the Pokémon on the National Pokédex with only the 3DS-compatible games.

What does Professor Oak give you when you complete the Pokedex?

After speaking with Professor Oak, the player can go to Celadon City to obtain a diploma. After catching all 150 Pokemon, the Game Designer on the third floor of Celadon Mansion will give you the diploma. The top says “Diploma” and shows the name the player gave his character.

Has someone caught all the Pokemon?

Nick Johnson traveled the world to catch every Pokémon Go character, and he has finally done it. Pack it up everyone, someone has caught them all.

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How can you tell if a Pokemon is worth catching?

While CP is the best, and well, only method, to determine whether its worth catching a Pokemon, there is more to it than catch species over “X” CP. The combat points statistic varies between species. For example, a Magikarp with 235 CP would be far more worth catching than a Charmander at 400 CP.

How long would it take to catch em all?

The Pokémon games red, yellow and blue have been used as a model for the original region of Kanto to calculate this. The results of this analysis show the time taken to do this is almost 5 years.

Can you complete Pokédex without trading?

Completing the Pokedex

It is possible to complete the Galarian Pokedex (i.e. catching and trading between Sword and Shield), but not the full, ‘National’ Pokedex. In fact, the concept of a ‘National’ dex was removed from the game entirely.

What happens when you complete hoenn Pokédex?

Seeing all of the Pokémon in the Hoenn Pokédex will earn the player an Oval Charm, while completing the National Dex will earn them a Shiny Charm. Pokémon Sun & Moon & Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon – Registering 300 Alola Pokémon will earn the player a special stamp for their passport and the Shiny Charm.

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