What is the 25th anniversary Pokemon set?

Will there be a 25th anniversary Pokemon set?

Pokémon TCG Reveals “Celebrations” As Their 25th Anniversary Set. The Pokémon TCG has finally revealed their 25th Anniversary set. Celebrations will be released on October 8th, 2021 as a special expansion featuring some of the most popular Pokémon from the franchise’s history.

What are 25th anniversary Pokemon cards worth?

Pokemon McDonald’s 25th Anniversary Promos Price Guide | TCGplayer

PRODUCT Rarity Listed Median
Charmander Promo $0.93
Chespin Promo $0.50
Chikorita Promo $0.49
Chimchar Promo $0.51

Is poke collect legit?

Terrible Customer Service. Beware of Poke-Collect. … This is terrible customer service and I would not recommend purchasing from them. After waiting 4 months my purchase was refunded to my account with no further explanation from the company.

What is the rarest 25th anniversary Pokémon card?

Aside from misprints and error cards, by far the most coveted McDonald’s Pokemon 25th anniversary card is the ever-popular holographic Pikachu. This particular Pikachu card was originally released as part of the Unified Minds Pokemon TCG expansion back in 2019.

How much is chikorita 25th anniversary worth?

Chikorita #2 Pokemon McDonalds 2021

Sale Date Title ▲ ▼ Price
2021-03-19 2021 Mcdonald’s Pokémon 25th Anniversary Chikorita 2/25 $1.25
2021-03-17 Pokemon 2021 McDonald’s 25th Anniversary Promotion #2/25 Chikorita Holographic $3.50
2021-03-16 2021 Pokemon McDonalds 25th Anniversary Card NON HOLO- Chikorita $0.99
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How much is a 25th anniversary Holo Pikachu worth?

Pikachu-Holo #039 (2021 GENERAL MILLS 25TH ANNIVERSARY)

Date Price Auction House
8/8/2021 $102.50 eBay
8/7/2021 $23.00 eBay
8/5/2021 $100.99 eBay
7/30/2021 $50.00 eBay

Are Mcdonalds Pokémon cards real?

The McDonald’s Pokemon cards are new, which means the market price isn’t really set for them. … There are 50 cards in total, 25 normal and 25 holographic cards based on McDonald’s. Though they are all different in that they are associated with McDonald’s, they are technically reprints of other cards.

How long does it take for Poke collect to deliver?

Packages take 2 to 4 weeks to arrive at their destination (although occasionally there are hold-ups at customs which is out of our control). Shipping estimates: $38.00 for a small sized package, $48.00 for a medium sized package, and $95 for a large sized package).

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