What is the maximum Pokemon storage in Pokemon go?

How do you get unlimited Pokemon storage in Pokemon go?

Maxing out that storage is a bit pricey, but it can be done. Trainers need to enter the shop found within Pokemon GO. From there, they can purchase a Pokemon storage upgrade for 200 coins. Each 200 coins spent gives trainers an additional 50 Pokemon slots.

Can you have more than 300 Pokemon?

It’s not unusual for players to hit their initial 300 Pokemon slots and 350 Items backpack capacity in no time at all. … Now it is announcing that trainers and collectors can now store up to 3,000 Pokemon and expand their bags to accommodate 2,500 items.

How many Pokemon can you collect in Pokemon go?

It’s not your fault for thinking that was the goal of the massively popular new mobile game, “Pokémon GO,” but there is, in fact, no way to “catch ’em all” in it. There are 151 so-called “first generation” Pokémon. But as of this writing, it’s only possible to find and capture 142. There are a few reasons for this.

Can you get Pokecoins for free?

For now, there are only two ways to get free Pokecoins in Pokemon Go, and we’re going to show you both of them. How to get Pokecoins for free: Use Google Rewards money. Take gyms.

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How many Pokecoins do you need to max out storage?

You’ll need 44 Bag Upgrades in total to max out your inventory, and at 200 Pokecoins per Bag Upgrade, that’s 8,800 Pokecoins. Depending on what increments you choose to buy them in, that translates to roughly $80 to fully upgrade your inventory storage the freemium way.

How many Pokeballs can you carry?

When you start the game, your default capacity — the amount you can carry without any upgrades — is as follows: You can carry 250 Pokemon. Your bag holds 350 items.

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