What is the National Dex in Pokémon?

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What does the National Dex do?

The National Pokédex is a Pokédex that records information from Pokémon around the nation, instead of just ones native in a particular region.

Why did Pokémon remove National Dex?

Game Freak has further explained on their decision to cut the National Dex in Pokemon Sword and Shield and all future mainline Pokemon games. In a Metro UK interview, Game Freak said the National Dex was cut because they wanted to introduce more changes and improvements as resources such as…

What happens if you complete the Pokedex?

Once you finish filling out all 210 pages you can return to the train station where you first arrived on the island and talk to the scientist who gave you the updated Pokédex. By showing her the completed Pokédex you will receive four different rewards.

What does no National Dex mean?

In a recent interview with Inside Gamer (via VG24/7), Game Freak producer Junichi Masuda stated that having no National Dex in Pokemon Sword & Shield is an approach that the company wants to “continue with in future Pokemon games.” Truthfully, it’s not a bad idea – just one that fans might need to get used to.

Is there a National Dex in sword and shield?

Pokémon Sword and Shield don’t have a National Dex – which lists all the Pokémon from every region – because not every Pokémon species appears in those games. They do, however, connect to Pokémon Home, a cloud service where players can upload their Pokémon from a variety of games.

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Do you need Mythicals for National Dex?

Mythicals never counted for national DeX.

How do I get a living Dex?

Pokémon Living Pokédex guide – how to get a Living Dex in Pokémon Gen 7 and setting up

  1. Step 1 – You need a copy of either Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire (ORAS), plus a copy of either X or Y (XY), and finally a copy of either Pokémon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon (USUM). …
  2. Step 2 – Organise your boxes in all editions.
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