What move pushes boulders in Pokemon White?

How do you push big boulders in Pokemon Black and White?

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  1. Teach a Pokemon HM04 Strength. That’ll allow you to move the giant rocks. User Info: MetalKingBoo. MetalKingBoo (Expert) – 10 years ago 3 3.
  2. Get strength by going north of the nimbasa city pokemon center and talk to the guy at the table. then use strength to move the boulders. User Info: genebomber.

How do you push rocks in Pokemon Black?

To move Big Boulders, you need to teach a Pokemon HM Strength. HM04 (Strength) can be obtained in one of the buildings in Nimbasa City.

How do I move the boulder in Mistralton cave?

Once you can see more than 10 centimetres ahead, run down and use Strength to shove the boulder right, then down into the hole below. If you missed HM Strength as well, it can be found in Nimbasa City, in the house north-west from the Pokemon Centre. Having plugged the hole, walk over it and run right.

How do you move boulders in Victory Road?

Go to the third floor and push the boulder there into the hole in the ground. Jump through the hole and you’ll find yourself on the second floor. Now you can push the boulder onto the switch. Although it looks confusing, the dungeon is actually linear.

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What is HM05?

HM05 (or Hidden Machine 05) is able to permanently teach a Pokémon a move for use outside of battles. It made its debut in the first generation allowing a Pokémon to learn Flash. … In the fifth generation games it allows for a Pokémon to learn Waterfall.

How do you move big boulders in Pokémon?

1 Answer. Those rocks are the equivalent of the boulders in previous Pokémon games that you needed the Strength HM to move. In Sun & Moon, you need the Machamp ride pager to move them. It will be unlocked once you get to Poni Island and speak with Hapu’s grandmother.

How do you get a dusk stone in Pokemon Black?

Mistralton Cave and Route 10, but you can find more dusk stones in swirling dust in any cave, and you can purchase them in the shop in Black City ( Exclusive to Pokemon Black ).

How do you get Virizion in Pokemon Black?

After you catch Cobalion in Mistralton Cave, which you can reach from Route 6 after you get Surf, you can find Virizion in Pinwheel Forest.

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