What Pokémon has the highest attack ever?

What non-legendary Pokemon has the highest attack?

When it Mega Evolves, Mega Pinsir has the highest Attack stat of all non-Legendary Flying-type Pokémon.

Who has the highest stats in Pokemon?

Arceus is the Pokemon with the highest stat total in the franchise, earning it first place on this list by default. With a mind-boggling 720 total stat points evenly spread across all six stats, Arceus can do pretty much anything it pleases.

Is slaking pseudo legendary?

Semi-Pseudo Legendary Pokemon

Note: Slaking may have a Base Stat Total of 670 but as said in the Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon page “The Pokemon’s Base stat should be exactly 600.” so Slaking isn’t considered a Pseudo-Legendary but it is considered as a Semi-Pseudo Legendary.

Should I max out CP before evolving?

Since CP increases from power ups are also proportional across evolutions, you’ll get the same results for the same amount of stardust and candies whether you power up the Pokemon before or after evolving it. It should make no difference at all.

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