Where can I find leppa berries in Pokemon Emerald?

Where can I buy leppa Berry sun?

Poni Island Berry Trees

Name Location
Leppa Berry Route 2, Secluded Shore
Liechi Berry
Lum Berry
Mago Berry Lush Jungle

Where can I find leppa berries in Sapphire?


Location Quantity
Route 103 2
Route 104 2
Route 104 [Pretty Petal Flower Shop]

Where can I get a lum berry in Emerald?

Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

Sometimes given by a Gentleman in Lilycove City. Can be given by the Berry Master’s wife if the player does not qualify for a special Berry.

Where can I buy Qualot Berry Sun Moon?

Qualot Berry can be found in Route 10. Rawst Berry can be found in Route 17 and Royal Avenue. Rindo Berry can be found in Poni Plains.

How much does Sitrus Berry heal?

A hold item that restores 30 HP in battle. When held by a POKéMON, it will be used in battle to restore 30 HP. A Poffin ingredient. It may be used or held by a Pokémon to heal the user’s HP a little.

How do you get Grepa berries?

You can get Grepa Berry by shaking Berry trees found in Wild Areas and Routes.

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How do you get berries in soul silver?

2 Answers. You can get berries from the juggler in violet city in exchange for shards and then grow them in your berry pots.

Does lum berry cure curse?

Effect. The Lum Berry cures all status infections, such as freeze, sleep, poison, paralysis, burn, and confusion.

What do you say to the Berry Master’s wife in Pokémon Emerald?

Berry Master’s wife

Phrase Number Name
GREAT BATTLE #31 Spelon Berry
COOL LATIOS #34 Durin Berry

How do you get a lum berry sword?

Obtain by Shaking Berry Trees

You can get Lum Berry by shaking Berry trees found in Wild Areas and Routes.

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