Where is a light stone in Pokemon Black?

How do you get a thunderstone in Pokémon Black?

2 Answers. Dust clouds, (in caves) Shopping Mall Nine, Chargestone Cave, and Black City.

How do you awaken Reshiram in Pokémon Black?

Other Answers

  1. Defeat the elite four then instead of battling Alder you’ll be batteling N and just when you’re about to fight him reshiram will be resuructed. …
  2. After you defeat the elite four you will be confronted by N and this will result in Reshiram emerging from the light stone.

Can you buy a Fire Stone in Pokémon Black?

One of the Fire, Water & Leaf Stones can be obtained from a man in the dock area of Castelia City. He’ll ask a question about your Pan-Pokemon. You can tell which one you have or you can answer as you wish to recieve your desired Stone. One can be found in Desert Resort.

Where to get moon stones Pokémon Black?

locations: In Pinewheel Forest, you’ll recieve a Moon Stone from Nacrene City Gym Leader Lenore after returning the Dragon Skull to her by defeating Team Plasma.

How do you get a dusk stone in Pokemon Black?

Mistralton Cave and Route 10, but you can find more dusk stones in swirling dust in any cave, and you can purchase them in the shop in Black City ( Exclusive to Pokemon Black ).

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Should I use master ball on Zekrom?

1 Answer. Actually Reshiram and Zekrom have much better catch rates than normal legendaries (45 as opposed to 3). So they should be fairly easy. I caught mine in a Quick Ball (thrown on the first turn), but otherwise just get their HP down low as usual and try Ultra Balls.

When should I evolve Pansear?

What level should I evolve growlithe in Black 2?

Wait until you get flare blitz at level 45, that is its strongest move. Then you can teach it wild charge through tm, it learns outrage at 43. Also, Close Combat is good, but that is an egg move. Then go to the move tutor and reteach it extremespeed when you evolve it :P.

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