Where is Fantina in Pokémon?

How do I get to battle Fantina?

re: How do I get Fantina back to her gym? Beat the First 4 gyms and Get surf from Cyndia’s Gramma. to Get the HM surf After the fourth gym talk to the galxy grunt He’ll Run then Chase him he runs again then You fight your rival. Beat him and Contimue.

Does ash lose to Fantina?

As Pikachu fired Thunderbolt, Drifloon endured the attack before evolving into a Drifblim, and used Hypnosis to pull Pikachu to sleep. Ash believed there was no use to battling anymore, and surrendered the match to Fantina.

Why is Fantina not at the gym?

The Hearthome Gym is the fifth Gym in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl but is encountered before the third and fourth Gyms; however, Fantina is absent from the Gym until after the player has received HM03 (Surf) from Cynthia’s grandmother in Celestic Town. …

What gym leaders has Ash lost to?

Ash loses against the following Gym Leaders, in every region.

  • Kanto: Brock, Lt. Surge, Sabrina, and Blaine.
  • Johto: Whitney.
  • Hoenn: Brawly.
  • Sinnoh: Roark & Fantina.
  • Unova: Lenora.
  • Kalos: Viola & Wolfric.

How many badges does Ash actually win?

Over his journey so far, Ash has collected eight badges from each of the major regions of Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova and Kalos. In addition, he has also obtained 4 badges from the Orange Archipelago and defeated the Orange Islands Champion to gain the Winners’ Trophy.

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What is Gligar hidden ability?

Sand Veil. Immunity (hidden ability)

Is fantina from Kalos Pokemon?

Yes, she’s from Kalos.

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