Which new Pokemon cards will be worth money?

Will new Pokemon cards go up in value?

Supply is dwindling and demand is rising. … Nobody’s making new 1st Edition Pokemon cards and demand is rising at the moment, so it’s reasonable to suggest prices will rise in the short term as well. They’re easy to buy and sell.

Are 2021 Pokemon cards worth?

Some of those Pokemon cards are extremely valuable, with the most expensive Pokemon card in the world selling for $375,000 at the PWCC Marketplace in 2021 — $15,000 more than the previous record holder. That’s right. Some people are willing to pay for a cardboard Pikachu or Charizard rather than an entire house.

What are the most expensive Pokémon cards to collect?

Here’s the list of the 10 highest-selling Pokémon cards.

  1. Ex Deoxys Gold Star Holo Rayquaza 107. …
  2. Ex Dragon Frontiers Gold Star Holo Charizard 100. …
  3. Tropical Mega Battle Tropical Wind Promo Card. …
  4. 1998 Japanese Promo Card – Tamamushi University Magikarp Trophy. …
  5. Super-Secret Battle “#1 Trainer” Promotional Holo Card.

Are first edition Pokemon cards worth anything?

Are 1st Edition Pokemon cards worth anything? 1st Edition Pokemon cards can be worth a few hundred dollars or a few hundred thousand dollars depending on the card.

Can you make money collecting Pokemon cards?

With the Pokemon TCG exploding in value in 2020, new collectors may be wondering how to make money off their cards. Here is everything you need to know. Pokemon Trading Cards have never been hotter than they are right now. … PokeGuardian / The Pokemon Company Pokemon cards released in 1999 can now be sold for money.

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Will Pokemon prices crash?

No. It’s clear, however, that prices have been slowly declining for a handful of months. Fans that have struggled to buy Pokemon cards may be able to breathe a sigh of relief if the value of the Nintendo collectibles continues to fade.

How much is a Mewtwo ex Worth?

Mewtwo EX #XY107 Pokemon Promo

Sale Date ▲ ▼ Title ▲ ▼ ▲ ▼ Price
2021-06-16 2016 Pokémon Mewtwo EX Black Star Promo Holo XY107 PSA 10 GEM MINT $197.50
2021-04-21 2016 Pokémon Mewtwo EX Black Star Promo Holo XY107 PSA 10 GEM MINT $275.00
2021-04-13 2016 Pokémon Mewtwo EX Black Star Promo Holo XY107 PSA 10 GEM MINT $372.00
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