Why did Wizards stop making Pokemon cards?

What happened between Wizards of the Coast and Pokemon?

The lawsuit, filed Oct. 1 in U.S. District Court in Seattle, accuses Nintendo affiliate Pokemon USA of abandoning a contract with Wizards, the longtime producer and distributor of Pokemon trading-card games, and using Wizards-patented methods and technology to manufacture the games itself.

Are Pokemon cards coming back?

The high demand for Pokémon trading cards seems to be causing all sorts of mischief – again. Two major US stores are pulling their Pokémon cards, citing customer safety concerns as the reason. … The cards will be pulled from all stores on 14th May, but will continue to be sold online.

Does Hasbro own Pokemon?

Hasbro has produced numerous toys for the Pokémon franchise, ranging from Poké Balls to the Pokédex. … In 1999, Hasbro acquired Wizards of the Coast and, in turn, the license to the Pokémon Trading Card Game until Wizards of the Coast lost the license to it in 2003.

Who makes Pokemon cards now?

In the US, it was initially published by Wizards of the Coast; Nintendo eventually transferred the rights to The Pokémon Company which has published the game since June 2003.

Why is there no Pokemon cards at Walmart?

The sudden demand and low supply for the Pokémon Trading Card Game have created a scramble for card packs at major retail stores. … However, the intensity of the demand has caused some major retail stores like Walmart to remove the game from shelves temporarily.

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Why Pokémon Cards Are So Popular Again

The first is nostalgia. The kids who grew up with these cards are now adults with their own money, so they’re looking to complete their old collections and perhaps even relive some of those magical childhood memories.

Will Pokemon print more cards?

Reprinted products are expected to be available at retailers as soon as possible. For new Pokémon TCG expansions launching in the future, we are maximizing production to increase product availability upon release, and we will continue to reprint the products to replenish stock at retailers as soon as possible.

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