You asked: Is any Pokemon stronger than rayquaza?

Is rayquaza the most powerful Pokémon?

At 23” and 455 pounds, this dragon Pokémon has the ability to fly and can unleash one of the strongest attacks of any Pokémon. Rayquaza is also the leader of the Legendary Birds of the Hoenn Region (Groudon & Kyogre) and even has the ability to calm its counterparts.

Is rayquaza the strongest legendary?

Rayquaza and Salamence remain the strongest Pokémon from Gen III, and both of them got Mega Evolutions. Mega Rayquaza can counter the permanent weather changes from Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre. It also hits like a truck, dealing a lot of damage, having great coverage, and not being weak to many attacks.

Is Giratina stronger than rayquaza?

Rayquaza Is more useful because it can attack from both sides really hard, and it’s slightly faster than Giratina. Rayquaza would win, STAB super effective Outrage off of it’s attack, you better run.

Why does rayquaza hate deoxys?

Rayquaza as it appeared in the movie. Rayquaza appears in the 7th Pokémon film Destiny Deoxys as the main antagonist. Just like most other featured legendary Pokémon, this Pokémon proved to be extremely powerful. It fights against Deoxys because it is seen as invading its territory.

Who can beat Mewtwo?

How To Defeat Mewtwo in Pokemon Go. Mewtwo is a Psychic-type Pokemon, meaning that players should bring along a Pokemon with Ghost, Dark, or Bug-type moves. Here are the best possible counters for a Mewtwo Raid. Gengar, Tyranitar, Absol, Weavile, Giratina, Honchkrow, Houndoom, Origin Giratina.

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Why is rayquaza banned?

It is tied with Mega Mewtwo Pokémon for the highest base stats of any Pokémon ever – 780 or about the firepower of 2.5 Pikachus. Therefore, the banning of Mega Rayquaza is related to its own abilities: … Its move known as “Dragon Ascent” can conquest nearly any Pokémon in the battle in one hit.

Why is Eternatus so strong?

Just like Necrozma, Eternatus is a powerful alien that came from space and gathers energy within its core, which it can turn into a beam for massive damage.

Is Ultra Necrozma stronger than mega rayquaza?

So, If we are comparing these two, then Ultra Necrozma wins because of its higher speed. But in general, Mega Rayquaza is better in my opinion. Ok, Idk why people are this dumb, but if mega ray holds a focus sash, thats it for necrozma.

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