You asked: Is Electivire a good Pokémon?

Is Electivire worth powering up?

Pokémon GO Electivire is a pure Electric type Pokémon. Electivire has a MAX CP of 2904, paired with an ATK of 249, DEF of 173 and STA of 150, which puts it as the best attacking Electric type in the game (not including the Legendary Pokémon Raikou).

Should I use Electivire?

Electivire should primarily be used as a revenge killer and wallbreaker. It can quickly dispose of slower threats such as Skuntank and Aurorus after a bit of prior damage while using super effective moves to get past bulkier Pokemon like Lanturn.

Is Electivire good competitively?

You guys are right in that Electivire is a very useful in game pokemon but it does fall short in competitive battles. This is primarily because it is outclassed by other pokemon.

Is Electabuzz or Electivire better?

Eviolite should only be used on defensive Pokemon, like Chansey or Dusclops. And Electabuzz has no interest in being bulky. With Eviolite out of the question, the only thing separating the two are their Speed stat, which Electabuzz is better than Electivire in.

Is Mewtwo worth powering up?

Yes. It is worth powering up. The worst possible Mewtwo will have an attack stat of 310 (300 base + 10 IV), which is higher than anything else currently available in the game.

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Is it worth powering up Shadow Mewtwo?

Shadow Psystrike Mewtwo is almost as powerful as a weather boosted regular Psystrike Mewtwo. … Of course, a 10/10/10 (the minimum you could possibly get) is much better than a 0/0/0, so even if you were extremely unlucky with the IVs of your Shadow Mewtwo do not worry and power it up anyway, you won’t regret it!

Who is better Electivire or Magmortar?

Except Electivire is faster and has a better Attack stat, so it would defeat Magmortar 80% of the time, at least.

What is Electivire strong against?

Electivire is a electric type Pokémon. electric type pokémons are strong against water, flying pokémons but weak against electric, grass, dragon pokémons. They are not affected by ground type pokémons.

What is the best item for Electivire?

As for the item choice, with 13 of the 17 types being hit for super-effective damage, Expert Belt is perfectly suited for Electivire. Life Orb is still an option, and the extra bit of power can turn a few 3-hit-KOs into 2-hit-KOs, but it’ll chip away at Electivire’s HP.

Is flamethrower good for Electivire?

Flamethrower can prove to be a useful attack. It’s a viable choice, but you don’t want to stray too far from its original moveset. Flamethrower is a decent addition, and you can swap it out for ice punch, but again, it’ll depend on what roster you create for your team. You mostly want to stick to the original choices.

Is Electabuzz rare?

One thing you should note with Electabuzz is that it is a rare Pokemon. There is no doubt about that and catching it will be challenging. You should also understand that it is hard to find but not impossible to catch. Its rank is 57/151 with a spawn rate of 0.074 percent.

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Is Electro ball good for Electabuzz?

Electabuzz can benefit from the Eviolite, which makes its Defense decent and its Special Defense great. You may not have Electabuzz for long, because… …you can get the Electirizer right away! There’s a 5% chance that a wild Elekid (even the SOS encounter Electabuzz!) can hold the Electirizer.

Does Eviolite work on Electabuzz?

Eviolite grants Electabuzz a boost in bulk, setting it apart from the other Electric-types.

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