You asked: Is Electro ball a good move for Pikachu?

Is Electro ball good on Pikachu?

Electro Ball deals AoE damage as well as stun, and is a sure-hit move. However, its damage is not as high as Thunder’s so comboing this up with Volt Tackle or Thunderbolt will be good. If not, have a strong teammate who can rush in and deal great blows to a stunned opponent will be good.

Is Electro ball a priority move?

Electro Ball (Japanese: エレキボール Elecball) is a damage-dealing Electric-type move introduced in Generation V.

Electro Ball (move)

Type Electric
Accuracy 100%
Priority {{{priority}}}

Is Electro ball good on electrode?

2 Answers. Well it is certainly one of the fastest non legendary Pokemon, that’s for sure. Ninjask takes top spot though if I’m not mistaken :) Now the problem with electro ball is that its power is determined by the opponents speed.

How strong can Electro ball get?

So basically max power is 150.

What is the fastest Pokemon that can learn Electro Ball?

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  • 3 votes. The release of Crown Tundra introduces Regieleki, which has 200 base speed, learns Electro Ball, and learns a speed boosting move in Agility. Hope this helped! …
  • 0 votes. Your best bet would be Emolga. …
  • 0 votes. The best one that I know is:
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Is Electro Ball affected by choice scarf?

Choice scarf does affect electro ball.

What are the fastest Pokemon?

Is Electro ball good on Galvantula?

Or you can use Electro Ball, which does more damage the faster the user is. Galvantula is REALLY fast, so it’s a good combo.

How does Pikachu learn Electro Ball?

During a lunch break, our heroes are shocked when the ground suddenly falls out from under Ash and Pikachu, sending them sliding through a long underground tunnel! … During the fray, Pikachu learns a new move—Electro Ball!

Does thunder wave effect electro ball?

You are correct. If the opponent’s Speed is less than or equal to yours, then Thunder Wave will get them into the range necessary for a 150 Power Electro Ball.

How do you get electro balls?

TR80 Electro Ball – Purchased for 3,000 Watts from the trader in East Lake Axewell.

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