You asked: Is Larvesta a good Pokemon?

Is Larvesta a rare Pokemon?

The latest Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion is out, and it has brought two very rare Pokemon from the previous generations. In the Isle of Armor expansion, trainers will be able to catch two of the rarest Pokemon from the 5th Generation, Larvesta and Volcarona.

Is Volcarona good in game?

Volcarona is one of the deadliest sweepers in the tier because of its access to Quiver Dance, high Special Attack stat, and decent Speed stat. … Volcarona also has a ton of setup opportunities in a tier infested with Steel-types and passive Pokemon such as Tangrowth.

Is Larvesta good in Pokemon Black?

It’s definitely not a good fire type until it evolves, and it evolves too late. You might consider breeding it with a beautifly for morning sun too. With sun support it could quiver dance (+sp. … def and +speed) and heal fully while blasting other pokemon with bug buzz and flame dance/fire blast.

Is Larvesta a special or physical attacker?

Larvesta switches in on physical attackers like Pawniard and Mienfoo, but be aware that this is generally a predictable move, so plan accordingly. … Timburr may be a physical Fighting-type, but keep Larvesta away from it, as many Timburr carry Guts, so a burn will have the opposite effect on it.

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Which is better Volcarona or Chandelure?

I like both of them, but Volcarona has better stats other than SP. Attack than Chandelure (no offence to mine). Volcarona has 3 weaknesses, as Chandelure has 5. Although Chandelure has got Fighting and Normal 100% resistances, Stats win out aganist weaknesses though.

What is the best item for Volcarona?

As for items, Life Orb is the preferred item, as it provides Volcarona with the power it needs to secure OHKOs with its neutral moves. However, Lum Berry can allow Volcarona to set up on Body Slam, Thunder, or Thunder Wave, and Toxic.

Can Larvesta evolve with a fire stone?

Larvesta (Japanese: メラルバ Merlarva) is a dual-type Bug/Fire Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It evolves into Volcarona starting at level 59.


63.5 lbs. 28.8 kg
0 lbs. 0 kg

Is Volcarona a sweeper?

Volcarona is a powerful special sweeper that can function as a straightforward attacker or bulky support. Though it faces competition from faster sweepers, access to boosting moves and great dual typing make it a great option for teams looking for extra type coverage.

What is Larvesta hidden ability?

Larvesta is a Bug/Fire type Pokémon introduced in Generation 5 . It is known as the Torch Pokémon .

Pokédex data.

National № 636
Weight 28.8 kg (63.5 lbs)
Abilities 1. Flame Body Swarm (hidden ability)

What is Chandelure hidden ability?

In Generation 5 , Chandelure has Shadow Tag as its hidden ability.

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