You asked: What natures can Pokemon have?

Can any Pokémon have any nature?

There are currently 25 different Natures that a Pokémon can have, but a few of them stick out for a particular reason. Hardy, Docile, Serious, Bashful, and Quirky natures are essentially useless, not raising or lowering stats whatsoever.

Can Pokémon have two natures?

Give the Pokémon with the nature you want an Everstone to hold and it will produce a Pokémon with the same nature as it. If you have a Pokémon with the ability Synchronize and you put it as the lead in your party, all Pokémon you encounter will share the same nature with it as well.

Do natures matter in game?

No, they matter little to none. Because you can level up to beat any for in the game IVs, EVs and Natures aren’t necessary to keep an eye on ingame. Most of the time it will just be a waste of time to find a Pokemon with the right Nature as you will do just fine with any Nature.

Are natures random?

Natures are part of what makes each Pokemon unique from each other. They are randomly applied to each Pokemon upon receiving or capturing them. If you have a Pokemon with the Synchronize ability in the lead of your party, you will have a 50% chance of encountering a Pokemon with the same nature in the wild. …

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Are certain Pokemon natures rare?

There is no evidence to suggest that any one Nature is rarer or more common than another. With the exception of Everstone breeding or the Synchronize ability, Natures appear to be random.

Is Cinderace Electric?

Cinderace is a Fire/Electric dual type Pokemon. It evolves from Raboot starting at level 36.

Do Mint natures pass down?

While these mints do change the effects of your Pokémon’s nature, they don’t actually change the nature of your Pokémon so even if you change an Adamant Pokémon with a Timid Mint, despite having the stats of a Timid Pokémon, it still has the Adamant Nature which is what will be displayed and what is used for breeding …

How much do natures affect stats?

A Pokémon’s Nature usually affects the value of two of its stats, ultimately increasing one of its non-HP stats (Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, or Speed) by 10% and decreasing another by 10%.

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