Quick Answer: What is the largest non tech IPO in history?

Which was the largest non tech IPO in the history?

After the record for the world’s biggest IPO was just broken in December when Saudi state-owned oil company Saudi Aramco went public on the Riyadh stock exchange, payment provider Ant Financial is all set to break that record by collecting almost $34.5 billion in an IPO that is taking place in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

What was the largest IPO in history?

Largest IPOs in the U.S. 2021. Totaling 21.77 billion U.S. dollars, the 2014 initial public offering (IPO) of Alibaba Group Holding Limited remains the largest IPO ever. Trailing by almost four billion U.S. dollars, Visa takes second place, followed by ENEL SpA, an energy company based in Italy.

What are the top 5 IPOs?

Ten of the biggest 2021 IPOs to watch:

  • Robinhood Markets.
  • Nextdoor.
  • Stripe.
  • Roblox.
  • Coinbase.
  • UiPath.
  • ThoughtSpot.
  • Ascensus.

4 февр. 2021 г.

How much did Alibaba raise in IPO?

In 2014, Alibaba debuted on the New York Stock Exchange and raised $25 billion, earning it the title of the biggest IPO in history and launching the Chinese tech giant onto the global stage.

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Is it smart to buy IPO?

IPO Investment is Risky, So Do Your Research

If you are a long-term investor and believe the company has fundamental value — think Google (GOOGL), Amazon (AMZN) or Facebook (FB) — then the early volatility and the risk of price drops are of less concern. But for most of us, an IPO investment is just too risky.

Which company is planning the world’s largest IPO?

Financial technology giant Ant Group is planning to raise more than $34 billion in a joint listing across Shanghai and Hong Kong in the next few weeks, making it the world’s largest initial public offering.

What was Tesla IPO price?

Tesla went on to launch its first initial public offering (IPO) on NASDAQ on June 29, 2010. They issued 13.3 million shares of common stock for the public at a price of $17.00 per share.

What IPO should I buy in 2020?

5 Best IPOs Of 2020 Based On Listing Gains

  1. Chemcon Speciality: 115% Premium. The Rs. …
  2. Happiest Minds Technologies -111% Premium. The Rs. …
  3. Route Mobile- 105% Premium. The Rs. …
  4. Burger King India- 92.25% Premium. The Rs. …
  5. Rossari Biotech- 58% Premium. The specialty chemicals company floated its Rs.

21 дек. 2020 г.

Does everyone get IPO?

Case #A: If number of applications received is less than 46,875 numbers, everyone first gets at least 1 LOT shares. For the balance shares allocation is done by lottery. Cast #B: If number of applications received is more than 46,875 numbers, shares allocation is done by lottery.

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What companies will IPO in 2020?

2020 IPOs

IPO Date Symbol Return
Dec 29, 2020 MRM -27.67%
Dec 24, 2020 VTAQ -0.10%
Dec 23, 2020 GBS -68.24%
Dec 23, 2020 HCAR -2.50%

Which upcoming IPO is best to buy?

Most Famous Upcoming IPO of 2021

Issuer Company IPO Size (Rs.) Price Band (Rs.)
Barbeque Nation IPO 452.87 Cr. 498-500
Nazara Technologies IPO 582.91 Cr 1100-1101
Suryoday Small Finance Bank IPO 582.34 Cr. 303-305
Kalyan Jewellers IPO 1750 Cr. 86-87

What companies went public in 2020?

  • DoubleDown Interactive. Seattle designer Cooper DuBois started this mobile gaming company in 2009 with its signature DoubleDown Casino game for Facebook. …
  • Airbnb. Airbnb announced plans for an IPO in September 2019, making it one of the most anticipated IPOs of 2020. …
  • Asana. …
  • DoorDash. …
  • Robinhood. …
  • Instacart.

How much will Alibaba stock be worth in 10 years?

Alibaba stock price in 10 years

The price channel now indicates the support level at around $600 and the resistance level at around $1550 by July 2030. Taking the mid-point ($970), we are looking at a quadrupling of the stock.

Do IPOs usually go down?

Not exactly. IPOs are typically priced so that they go up about 15%-30% on the first day. In my view, this is usually too much because it means the company could have sold its shares for a higher price and raised more money (more on that, later). … (The 1% is just up from the IPO price that happens the night before.

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What makes a successful IPO?

Multiple Relative to Market

Another way to measure the success of a company’s IPO is its valuation multiple, as derived from its offering price, relative to the valuation multiples of comparable companies.

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