What city has the largest number of French speakers after Paris?

Kinshasa is the city with the highest number of French speakers. Kinshasa is the capital of the Democratic Republic Of Congo where French is the official language. In 2016, the population of Kinshasa exceeded 12 million and became greater than the population of Paris.

What is the largest French speaking city after Paris France?

Kinshasa is the world’s second largest French speaking city, after Paris, and before Montreal and Brussels.

Where are the most French speakers located?

Unsurprisingly, France boasts the highest number of native French speakers, although its not the most populous country to have French as an official language: The Democratic Republic of Congo has a population of 77 million, compared to 62 million in France.

Which is the largest French speaking city outside of France?

10 Cities Outside of France Where French is Predominantly Spoken

  • Kinshasa, Congo. Kinshasa is the third largest city in Africa and is currently the largest French-speaking city in the world.
  • Montreal, Canada. …
  • Brussels, Belgium. …
  • Tananrive, Madagascar. …
  • Niamey, Niger. …
  • Abidjan, Ivory Coast. …
  • Douala, Cameroon. …
  • Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
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Is Montreal the second largest French speaking city?

Montreal is one of the most bilingual cities in Quebec and Canada, with over 59% of the population able to speak both English and French. Montreal is the second-largest primarily French-speaking city in the developed world, after Paris.

What is the third largest French speaking city in the world?

third largest french speaking city in the world hint it’s in ivory coast
Third-largest French-speaking city in the world [hint: it’s in Ivory Coast]
City in Belgium that is the largest French-speaking city in the country (5)

What is the second largest French speaking country in the world?

Interestingly, when focusing purely on native speakers, Canada is the second-largest French speaking country, with around 7 million people speaking it as their mother tongue.

Which country speaks the best French?

Here are a few of the best French-speaking destinations to visit (that aren’t France).

  • Luxembourg. …
  • Madagascar. …
  • Martinique. …
  • Rwanda. …
  • Senegal. …
  • Seychelles. …
  • Switzerland. …
  • Vanuatu.

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Which African country speaks the best French?

African Countries That Speak French

Of these countries, Gabon comes in first as the African country with the greatest percentage of French speakers (80 percent) with Mauritius taking second at 72.7 percent and Côte d’Ivoire and Senegal tying for third with 70 percent.

Which African country has the most French speakers?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has the largest concentration of French speakers in all of Africa, and has the largest population of any country with French as the official language. This means that even France doesn’t contain as many Francophones as this former Belgian colony.

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What is Canada’s largest city?

Rank Municipality name Province
1 Toronto Ontario
2 Montréal Quebec
3 Calgary Alberta

What is the second largest French-speaking city in Canada?

Montreal is the world’s second largest French-speaking city, trailing only Paris, France. Montreal is an important center of commerce, culture, film, and tourism. In 1976, Montreal became the only Canadian city to host the summer Olympics.

Who founded Quebec?

Permanent European settlement of the region began only in 1608, when Samuel de Champlain established a fort at Cape Diamond, the site of present-day Quebec city, then called Stadacona. A half century later the French settlement had a meagre population of some 3,200 people. Samuel de Champlain.

What is Montreal famous for?

Montreal is North America’s number one host city for international events. Montreal is home to the famous Cirque de Soleil and hosted the Summer Olympics in 1976. Montreal also played host to Expo 67, considered to be the most successful world’s fair in the 20th Century.

Is Montreal like France?

Montréal is like an American city where people speak French. Other than the language, there is little about Montréal that resembles France. (My Parisian wife might even suggest that the language doesn’t resemble French so much, but that is another topic…) Montréal is like an American city where people speak French.

Is Montreal a world class city?

Well, now you can tell them that Concordia’s hometown of Montreal has been officially voted among the best cities in the world! Montreal placed sixth in a recent survey by Time Out — a global magazine with a circulation of 7.4 million — which lists the top 48 urban destinations.

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