What Is The Largest Redfish Ever Caught?

North Carolina Redfish Record:

This once in a century fish was 60 inches long and weighed an outstanding 94 pounds 2 ounces.

This red shattered all world record and has been the largest ever caught 35 years later.

There is a common theme for large redfish caught in North Carolina.

What is the biggest red drum ever caught?

The current IGFA record red drum by weight is a gargantuan 94-pounder caught in North Carolina in 1983. Amazingly, that fish measured almost 60 inches long! Another interesting world record red drum tidbit: the current record for weight was caught on Nov. 7, 1983.

What is the size limit on redfish?

Drum, Red (Redfish):16 inches minimum total length. Five fish per person daily bag limit with not more than one exceeding 27 inches.

How big do redfish get?

Redfish spawn from late August through October. At one year old, they will range from 10 to 17 inches long, averaging 14 inches. At 2 years old they will range from 18 to 24 inches, and weigh 3 to 6 pounds. At 3 years old, they will range in size from 20 to 28 inches, weighing 4 to 9 pounds.

What is the Louisiana state record redfish?

Mike Frenette, with Redfish Lodge of Louisiana, said the massive fish measured 53 1/2 inches long with a girth of more than 31 inches, and weighed approximately 65 pounds.

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How big is the world record Redfish?

The fish measured 57 inches in length (to the fork), and sported an incredible girth of 38 inches. Deuel’s monster redfish replaced the previous record by more than 10 pounds, and also earned him the 24 kg (50 lb) line class world record.

How long does it take a redfish to grow?

Redfish can live more than 40 years, although few make it past their mid-30s. They grow their entire lives, but growth rate will vary significantly from fish to fish.

Are redfish illegal?

Today the redfish is banned outright in all U.S. states except Mississippi. Because it is native to North America, most states will allow fishing for redfish for personal use, but strictly regulate the practice.

What’s the limit on redfish in Florida?

In Florida, a slot size redfish is one measuring 18 to 27 inches in total length and that means you can keep it. The current bag limit is one fish per person per day with no boat limit.

Redfish longer than 28 inches and tagged with one of the tags do not count as part of the daily bag limit. Five per day; lengths: 14-inch minimum, 30-inch maximum. A single black drum measuring 52 inches or more may be retained and counts in the daily bag.

Is red fish healthy?

Red snapper is a low-calorie, lean source of protein that is rich in selenium, vitamin A, potassium and omega-3 fatty acids. Despite the potential health benefits, red snapper may contain mercury levels that make it unsafe for pregnant women and young children to eat more than a few times a month.

Are redfish edible?

Why You Should Be Eating Redfish. The mild, sweet flavor and moist white meat seems to be far superior, especially from those smaller redfish less than 10 or 15 pounds, as the meat of larger “bull” redfish can be coarse, stringy, and unpalatable.

Why are redfish called redfish?

When pulled from the water or during courtship redfish/red drum create a “drumming sound.” It is where the red drum gets its name, according to the website Fish for Fun. The drumming sound occurs when internal muscles rub against the fish’s air bladder. Only male redfish/red drum can create this drumming sound.

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What is the Texas state record redfish?

46 inches

What’s a bull redfish?

A bull redfish is simply a redfish that has grown to maturity and is over 27 inches. Most anglers, especially local anglers, catch and release the bull redfish on their spawning migration. In late August and throughout September, bull reds get very thick in the passes off Grand Isle, LA.

What is the world record speckled trout?

The trophy trout measured out to 87 centimeters (34.25 inches), which would qualify it as an all-tackle length world record. The current IGFA length record stands at 79 centimeters.

What is the biggest snook ever caught?

His 60-pound catch will likely become an International Game and Fish Association (IGFA) world record. Florida Today’s Bill Sargent reported that Michaels caught a Pacific black snook, the largest of the six snook subspecies. The world record Pacific black snook was 57 pounds 12 ounces set in 1991 in Costa Rica.

Do redfish eat squid?

Redfish Bait. Cut bait is the go-to bait when surf fishing for redfish. You can use any small fish that’s readily available, but mullet, porgies, croakers, and pinfish are typically most effective for redfish. Fresh squid or crabs work extremely well in certain areas, too.

Why do some redfish have multiple spots?

As the fish with multiple spots grow older, they seem to lose their excess spots. Scientists believe that the black spot near their tail helps fool predators into attacking the red drum’s tail instead of its head, allowing the red drum to escape.

How do redfish spawn?

In spring, schools of baitfish move up the Atlantic coast, and the redfish follow, eating all the way. In the Texas part of the Gulf, the redfish spawn takes place in late winter or early spring. Sea level – Redfish spawn in relatively deep water (60 to 100 feet).

What is slot redfish?

Redfish regulations say to keep the one legal redfish you are allowed to target in Florida, it has to be between 18 and 27 inches, or in the “slot.”

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What is the limit on speckled trout in Florida?

For those looking to keep a speckled trout, the size limit is not less than 15 inches or more than 20 inches, with one fish over 20 inches per angler statewide.

Where can I fish for redfish in Florida?

12 Best Redfish Fishing Spots

  • Redfish challenge inshore anglers in the Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic coasts.
  • Venice, Louisiana. Venice is known to produce large numbers of trophy redfish.
  • Hopedale, Louisiana.
  • Mosquito Lagoon, Florida.
  • Port O’Connor, Texas.
  • Charleston, South Carolina.
  • Pine Island Sound, Florida.
  • Cocodrie, Louisiana.

How big do flounder get?

Small flounder grow rapidly and may reach 12 inches in length by the end of their first year. Males seldom exceed 12 inches, but females grow larger than males and often reach a length of 25 inches.

Is there a size limit on black drum?

No more than one black drum over 52 inches may be retained per person per day and counts as part of the daily bag limit and possession limit.

What is the limit on black drum?

Florida Saltwater Fishing Regulations

Species Size Limit Daily Recreational Bag Limit
Billfish Sailfish 63″ Blue Marlin 99″ White Marlin 66″ 1 per person per day Aggregate bag limit
Black Drum Not less than 14″ or more than 24″ 5 per person per day
Bluefish 12″ fork 10 per person per day
Bonefish 18″ 1 per person per day

44 more rows

What is the size limit for sheepshead?

12 inches

What is the daily bag limit on a flathead catfish?

Fishing Bag Limits. No minimum length limit and the daily bag limit is 25, 25 in total, but only 24 if one flathead catfish is included.. The minimum length is 30, but flathead catfish from 36″ to 42″ may not be kept.The daily bag limit is 1.

What is the size limit for whiting?

Sand whiting

Other names Summer whiting Blue-nose whiting
Scientific name Sillago ciliata
Size Range Common length — 25cm Maximum length — 51cm
Size limits on takes Minimum size 23cm
Possession limits on takes 30 combined limit for goldenline whiting, sand whiting and northern whiting

3 more rows

Photo in the article by “US Fish and Wildlife Service” https://www.fws.gov/bearsbluff/species/reddrum.html

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